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Liberty Challenged in Nineteenth Century America (Essay Sample)


Please pay attention and make sure: create a thesis statement. A thesis statement is usually a single sentence somewhere in your first paragraph that presents your main idea to the reader. This thesis statement is the last statement in my introductory paragraph. Please underline my thesis statement.


Liberty Challenged in Nineteenth Century America
Liberty Challenged in Nineteenth Century America
The issue of slavery in the United States is one of the most controversial topics, especially with regard to how it impacted economic growth. Further, besides the issue of economic growth, slavery has also been cited as the origin of racial discrimination in America. It raised many moral issues and was eventually abolished. However, slavery created one of the biggest political divides in American history and contributed greatly to the Civil War, yet it also cemented the economic strength of the United States.
Outline of the Main Points
This section will explore several points as part of the main idea.
1 How slavery has shaped the political system in America, especially in the South. Under this point, the role of slavery in dividing the political ideologies of the North and South will be explored.
2 The role of slavery in the Civil War. This section will explore how the ideological differences on slavery led to the Civil War.
3 The role of slavery in American capitalism and economic empowerment.
1 Outcomes of Legislations
* Three-Fifths Compromise(Alexander, 2017)
* It allowed for the apportionment of slaves and taxes based on a state’s population.
* It increased the political power of states that supported slave labor because they had more representation in the house.
* Missouri Compromise of 1820(Randolph, 2018)
* Maine was admitted as a free state and a member of the Union, while Missouri became officially a slave state.
* Slavery was prohibited in lands north of latitude 36 degrees and 30 minutes ofLouisiana.
* Compromise of 1850 (Randolph, 2018)
* It allowed t

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