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How Did The American Revolution Affect Women? Were Their Lives Any Different Legally Or Politically? Why And Why Not? (Essay Sample)


Make sure you tell why and why not. Doubled space.


How did the American Revolution affect Women? Were their lives any different legally or politically? Why and Why Not?
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Women were considered inferior to men in the period before the American Revolution. This was evident in the lack of clear legal rights, especially for the married women. The law could not recognize the independence of married women both economically, politically and legally. However, the American Revolution attracted the attention of people to matters of politics and hence increased the significance to issues of liberty and equality (Frank Andrew, 2008).
It is important to note that even after the American Revolution, women did not gain significant legal or political rights. The revolution only acted to inspire women towards being free and independent. The women were enthusiastic for equality, independence, and freedom for the future. The status of women was also affected positively by the revolution since it brought into limelight those who had been despised in earlier times (Slavicek Louise, 2003).
The legal and political rights of women did not change after the revolution because of the discrimination by men. Men did not want to share powers with their wives, daughters and even mothers. The best example is illustrated in New Jersey State where the legislators took away the right of women to vote in the year 1807. Besides, the law could not protect women or offer them the ability to defend their interests (Slavicek Louise, 2003).
The legislators found it necessary at some point to grant married women equal rights just as those accor...
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