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Did the French and Indian War Cause the American Revolution? (Essay Sample)


Make sure that you make a case both FOR and Against Gipson claim and doubled space.


Did the French and Indian War Cause the American Revolution?
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Did the French and Indian War Cause the American Revolution?
When the French and Indian war happened, it contributed to the event of the American Revolution because it was the debt that led the Parliament to impose taxes that colonists had to pay for. In addition to this, Britain became weak because of the French and Indian war, which was favorable to the colonists. Since France did not like the result of the war, they decided to help the colonists win the Revolutionary War, and this is a main factor why the colonists won. Furthermore, the French that came from North America when the French and Indian War happened, backed the efforts of America to achieve independence using money and supplies. After that, they became part of the Battle of Saratoga that gave them hope for the Americans to win (Kline, 2016).
When Britain became weak, the action of the colonists had more impact on their cause. Ever since there was debt that led to war, Britain's economy was already suffering and the colonies had to pay taxes. When the boycotting of British products started and said they would stop trading with them, it affected them because they had a weak economy. Britain merchants was incapable of trading with Am

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