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Non-Political Revolutions Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


I have to select 2 non-political revolutions. For each, I have to explain the causes and effects of each revolution. The choices to pick the 2 from are: Neolithic Revolution, Commercial Revolution, Scientific Revolution, or Enlightenment. The essay has to include an introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion. I have to have a thesis in the introduction and in the body paragraph I have to support my argument with details, examples, and specific facts. The conclusion has to include a summary and my opinion.


Non-Political Revolutions
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Non-Political Revolutions
Neolithic and scientific revolutions are two significant periods in history which managed to transform the way of life of human beings. Neolithic Revolution has been dated differently from one region to another, ranging from 8,000 BCE in the Kuk Early Agricultural Site of Melanesia, to 2,500 BCE in Sub-Saharan Africa (, n.d). It marked a movement from hunter-gatherer populations to agriculturalists societies, with the invention of agriculture enabling human beings to specialize, live in groups, and develop civilizations. Conversely, the scientific revolution occurred in the 16th and 17th centuries and it was a significant development in the intellectual traditions of the western world (Kreis, 2002). Basically, it is considered as an epistemological and intellectual revolution that managed to change the thought processes of human beings. This paper critically analyzes Neolithic and Scientific Revolutions and the specific facts that occurred during these periods.
The Neolithic Revolution, also considered as the farming revolution took root approximately 12,000 years ago when agriculture managed to trigger significant changes in the society and the way people lived. It swept aside the Paleolithic Era where people were grouped together in minute groups and survived on gathering plants, hunting, fishing, or scavenging wild animals (, n.d). Basically, the traditional hunter-gatherer societies were replaced by an agrarian-based, and more settled lifestyles that involved domestication of different plant and animal species. This depended on the types of species that were locally available and this was also influenced by the local culture. Apart from permanent settlements, there were reliable food ...
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