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Pulmonary Rehabilitation (Essay Sample)

M5A2: Short Paper: Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Instructions The registered professional nurse plays a major role in working with patients diagnosed with COPD to improve their quality of life by reducing symptoms and increasing their physical and emotional involvement in everyday activities. Pulmonary rehabilitation is an important component in the management of COPD. Complete the following steps to successfully complete this assignment: 1. You must select one of the educational components of a pulmonary rehabilitation program from the following list: -Breathing exercises . -Nutrition . -Energy conservation . -Home oxygen therapy . -Controlled coughing . 2. Find an article in a nursing journal or book that will provide you with information about your topic. 3. In a 2 page paper using size 12 font and double spacing, you must do the following: a. Describe why this topic is important for the COPD patient. b. Identify 3 key points about this topic that you as the professional registered nurse would teach the patient diagnosed with COPD. c. Cite your resource(s) using APA format. source..
Breathing Exercises for COPD Patients Name: Institution: The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease abbreviated as COPD refers to a collection of lung diseases, which cause air ways obstruction. The effects of this disease may result to the reduced ability to breathe air in and out of the lungs rhythmically. The patients need to take control of this disease and thus they should take the recommended measures and exercises. The breathing exercise is one of these exercises for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients. Find herein the description of the importance of breathing exercise for patients with COPD and three personal key points to teach the patient as a registered nurse. The people with COPD diseases live with fear of experiencing the breathing problems. The importance of the breathing exercise is that the patient is able to control the breathing system through the procedures that they need to follow. The COPD patients would be able to manage this disease if they consistently follow the breathing exercises. These exercises also helps them to relax and in control of the disease. There recommendable techniques that a patient should use in an occur...
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