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Reflection on achieved goal (Essay Sample)

Assignment part 2 1. Write 4 weekly journals describing and analyzing the experience of changing health related behaviour. Describe how you felt as you implemented your plan and worked towards achieving your goal. Note the challenges, successes, set backs, re-evaluation of goal/plan and any related feelings. Focus on the feelings experienced as opposed to the process. Discuss the identified predisposing, enabling and reinforcing factors and how they played a role in the changing of the behaviour. Discuss how achieving this goal affected your overall "holistic" health and well-being. 2. Analyze journals and incorporate research into each journals that supports and explains your findings and experience. *Assignment part 2 should be based on assignment part 1 and I just put assignment part 1 right after this. Assigment part 1: 1. For the purposes of this assignment, I have identified my commitment to exercise as a health related behaviour which I would like to change over the next four week period. To achieve this behaviour, I have attempted to turn it in to a more specific goal, which meets the SMART criteria. My objective over the next four weeks is to go on three half-hour runs every week. Since I already run occasionally (1 – 2 times per week), I think that this goal is both realistic and attainable. It is also specific and measurable. Finally, I understand that the most important aspect of changing behaviour is commitment to the behaviour over time. 2. Changing this health behaviour is connected to different predisposing, reinforcing and enabling factors. I think that people who have healthy and active friends in their lives are more predisposed to running consistently. Further, I think that people who maintain a disciplined lifestyle are also predisposed to running regularly. Regular physical activity is reinforced in a number of ways. Individuals with athletic partners are more likely to maintain their activity through time. Since reward systems are useful to changing behaviour, I think that by offering incentives—through activities such as television—I will be able to reinforce my commitment to running regularly. With respect to enabling factors, I believe that things such as proper athletic equipment enable the performance of the activity. In the middle of winter, running is much more difficult without an indoor gym or treadmill. Consequently, a gym membership is a common enabling factor in the form of exercise I am advocating. 3. My research indicates that there is a strong correlation between physical activity and good health. Authors such as Warburton, Whitney Nicol and Bredin (2006) suggest in their essay . "Health Benefits of Physical Activity: The Evidence" that there is irrefutable evidence of the effectiveness of regular physical activity in the primary and secondary prevention of several chronic diseases. By routinely engaging in physical activities such as running, one is more likely to live longer and healthier. 4. My plan for achieving the goal of my health project—three half-hour runs per week—tries to consider the predisposing, reinforcing and enabling factors that I outlined above. Since I have already been running, the enabling factors I have identified are already satisfied. I am in possession of running equipment already, as well as a gym membership. I also plan to reinforce my behaviours by working together with my roommate. My roommate has very similar athletic goals. I feel that by working together, we will both be more motivated to run. Finally, I have attempted to develop a reward system to keep me on track in my commitment with running. My budget is limited right now, but I have decided that each week I successfully go for my runs, I will go out to the movies. source..

Reflection on achieved goal
Healthy living and healthy lifestyle has become a major concern to the world populace. With advent in information technology, a lot of information is available on how one can successfully maintain a healthy plan. Among ways on how an individual can remain healthy is through regular exercises, which are accosted with a number of benefits that one can derive from sticking to the training program. Some concepts interplay when it comes to having an achievable training program. A good training program should be SMART with one being aware of the starting point. This means every training program should be individualized since people have different entry level in terms of their fitness. The other important aspect in training is for an individual to have researched thoroughly with the purpose of understanding benefits that are accrued with fitness. As indicated by a number of researchers, exercises are important inaugural part in our life and country at large. Most of health complications that people are suffering from can be adequately averted by exercises. Some of such health complications include obesity, heart attack, stroke, cancer and high blood pressure to mention but just a few. These some of the motivating factors that made me to tag my goal on physical training. After realizing what I could benefit by following a training program, I decided to live a healthy life that was economically viable to me compared to amount of money one would spend when seeking for treatment.
Good goal should be achievable and at the same time, not too easy to achieve. Literature suggests that a goal should be stretching but within the scope of achievability. I knew from the word go that sticking to a training program required high levels of discipline and commitment. Having looked at a number of successful people in sports and what they go through during training, I had no option but to dedicate my time and strictly attempt to adhere to achieve the targets I had set for myself. In most cases, things are easier said than done. I came to realize that without intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, it is really hard to achieve such goals. My initial feelings before starting the training regime were to achieve my desired end goal without feeling overwhelmed or an aspect of giving up. I thought it was going to be an easy task since I was not a beginner in jogging and little did I know that it was going to be tiring, stressful and time consuming.
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