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Risk Management (Health and Medicine) (Essay Sample)

Describe emergency preparedness and response from a risk management perspective. It is important when identifying risk to determine what incidents or emergency events may occur and to utilise the Risk Management process to analyse, evaluate, and treat these events.\\\\ Describe how you would apply the AS/NZS ISO 31000 Risk Managemnt Process to Emergency Risk Management in a mine site. Give examples of plausible emergency scenarios specific to your chosen workplace which are as follows; Fire, Vehicle Collision, Confined Space, Working at Heights, Cyclone example is 2010 cyclone magda and cylone lawrence, Search and Rescue example is exploration driller went to walk back to the camp site and got lost. It is recommended that you use the headings from the AS/NZS 31000 Risk Management Standard p 13 Section 5 \\\"Process\\\": 5.1 General 5.2 Communication Consultation 5.3 Establishing the context 5.4 Risk Assessment - includes *Risk Assessment, *Risk Analysis, *Risk Evaluation 5.5 Risk Treatment 5.6 Monitoring and Reviewing as shown in figure 3 - Risk Management process p 14 AS/NZS 31000 Risk Management Standard. Assignment is to be written in times new roman 12 font using 1.5 spacing. Use APA referencing style in the text and in the end text reference list. Must not exceed the word limit 2,500 words not counting references. The name of the mine site I work for is Kimberley Diamond Company just incase you need to quote this anywhere. source..

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(23, September, 2010)
Risk management is an approach, process or study that is set, identified, assessed or implemented in organizations or homes in attempts aimed at eliminating or minimizing the levels of uncertain (Positive or negative) risks that are experienced in a business. These steps are implemented by the top management of these organizations seeking to venture into ways that will prevent, control or reduce the damages the company may encounter, from the man made or natural disasters. Therefore, reducing the company or individual to encounter any financial or manpower loses encountered from the disaster.
Therefore Risk Management is an approach seeking to minimize the levels of risks associated with any business firm, (Crockford, 1986). However, the trend is now changing as not only the business firms are implementing this, but other non-business organizations / firms, are involved in this form of preventions that are aimed at protecting the organizations from damage that is owned by these organizations or companies. Therefore making it possible for the top management to predict and implement the correct ways that is aimed at reducing the diverse effects of the forthcoming damage.
In establishing a strong foundation in risk management, there is need for the organizations to set a strong future preparation aimed at preventing the likeliness of serious attacks. Damages that is uncertain that may be encountered by the organization or individual in case of any unexpected damages as a result of disasters.
A standardized measure that is aimed at checking and managing the Risks and Estimating the extent of the damage is the AS/NZS ISO 31000 that is mostly applicable in all the areas in the universe and in all the aspects aimed at preventing or reducing the cases of disasters, as this concept AS/NZS ISO 31000 has got a variety of principles that regulate and ensures its proper functioning.
AS/NZS ISO 31000 is a concept that was released by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2009, in order / efforts aimed to provide a correct standard on implementation of risk management. Its application is not limited as it was not developed for a given situation, group, management or system. Occupational Health and Safety, is nothing but a multi-disciplinary area that deals with protection of safety, welfare and health of employees / workers. The main aim of the OHS program is to ensure fostering of a safer and conducive environment at work, (Sandra et al., 2003).
It is worth noting that the uncertainty of objectives can stem from failures in projects, accidents, financial markets, natural catastrophes, deliberate attacks from adversary, legal liabilities as well as credit risks. A number of risk management standards have been brought forward, namely; project management institute, national institute of science and technol...
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