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4 Homework 5: Perpetuation Of The Obesity Epidemic (Essay Sample)


4 Homework 5: Perpetuation Of The Obesity Epidemic


Four Homework 5
Four homework 5
1. Prior to this course, to what extent were you aware of the food industry's role in the perpetuation of the obesity epidemic?
Before the course, I only knew about obesity as a major health concern, but I was not aware of the cause of obesity. All I knew was obesity a lifestyle disease caused by unhealthy eating habits (Morris et al., 2015). I knew little about the role of the food industry in the perpetuation of obesity epidemic.
2. To what extent were you aware that the food industry intentionally creates food that is irresistible, that the world's cuisine has been "Americanized," that the food industry has total control over the manufacturing process, and that the food industry has developed the marketing and selling of its food into science?
For a long time, the debate about flavoring in food has dominated food debates and regulation policies. Foods have become irresistible whereby chemical flavoring added during food manufacturing process has become popular (Fraser, Moore & Keane, 2014). Food manufacturers have defended their use of chemical flavoring arguing that these chemicals have been tested and are healthy for human consumption. I never knew that the food industry makes great effort to know the taste preferences of customers making food irresistible. The food industry makes a variety of flavored foods that stimulate different sensory features (Fraser, Moore & Keane, 2014).
3. To what extent do you think any of this new knowledge will affect your eating habits?
The fact that I am aware that chemical flavoring has been misused to increase hyperpalatability of food and increase consumer sensation and satisfaction, I will avoid eating chemically processed foods. The fact that food scientist makes something taste like something else without using real ingredients, t...
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