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Developing Categories for the Literature Review


After reviewing the material on the Literature Review posted above, please return to your annotated bibliography and begin developing "categories" to help you to organize your sources. Post one category below and list several sources that might fill that category. Remember that some sources may fall into more than one category. Please feel free to post questions or concerns because your instructor wants to help you.


Student’s Name
The following category of sources has information pertaining the prevalence of childhood obesity. They also have important statistics that will background of the essay.
Ng, M., Fleming, T., Robinson, M., Thomson, B., Graetz, N., Margono, C., et al. (2014). Global, regional and national prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adults 1980-2013: A systematic analysis. The Lancet , 384 (9945), 766-781.
Taveras, E. M., Kleinman, K. P., Rich-Edwards, J. W., & Rifas-Shiman., S. L. (2013). Reducing racial/ethnic disparities in childhood obesity: the role of early life risk factors. JAMA pediatrics , 167 (8), 731-738.
Causes of Childhood Obesity
The following sources have information about the childhood obesity causes.
Eyler, A. A., Nguyen, L., Kong, J., Yan, Y., & Brownson., R. (2012). Patterns and predictors of enactment of state childhood obesity legislation in the United States: 2006–2009. American journal of public health , 102 (12), American journal of public health.
Gurnani, M., Birken, C., & Hamilton, J. (2015). Childhood obesity: causes, consequences, and management. Pediatric Clinics of North America , 62 (4), 821-840.
Moore, E. S., Wilkie, W. L., & Desrochers., D. M. (2016). All in the Family? Parental Roles in the Epidemic of Childhood Obesity. Journal of Consumer Research , 43, 824-860.
Taveras, E. M., Kleinman, K. P., Rich-Edwa...
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