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Analyzing The Research Results Of Three Research Studies, (Essay Sample)


After you find your three articles, please read over the three articles and complete the following for each one:
list the source in APA format
list key terms in the article
describe the focus of the study
describe the methodology the author used
summarize the study's findings
write your reflections on the article itself. Comment on whether you found the study difficult to interpret, whether you understood the methodology, or other items that might be of interest to your fellow classmates.
Please use sources attached.


Analyzing the research results of three research studies
Institutional Affiliation
Gollust, S. E., Niederdeppe, J., & Barry, C. L. (2013). Framing the consequences of childhood obesity to increase public support for obesity prevention policy. American Journal of Public Health, 103(11), e96-e102.
Key terms: Childhood obesity, Obesity prevention policy.
Focus of the study: The study aimed at establishing how messages framed to describe the various effects of childhood obesity influenced the thoughts of the public towards its prevention.
Methodology: The authors utilized descriptive research for study one where he selected participants through probability sampling to identify a sample of 444 respondents. Study two used experimentation research design on the KN website and selected a sample of 2494 respondent randomly. The two employed survey method of collecting data (Aftosmes-Tobio, Ganter, Gicevic, Newlan, Simon, Davison, & Manganello, 2016, p. e97).
Findings: According to the respondents, utilizing messages with several consequences such as bullying, the cost of providing medical care and the consequences to military readiness would result in increased actions to prevent childhood obesity and considered the government more responsible.
Reflection: The article was easy to interpret as it utilized identifiable research parameters and the utilization of descriptive and experimentation methods of analysis accurately determined the collection of precise results.
Aftosmes-Tobio, A., Ganter, C., Gicevic, S., Newlan, S., Simon, C. L., Davison, K. K., & Manganello, J. A. (2016). A systematic review of media parenting in the context of childhood obesity research. BMC public health, 16(1), 320.
Key terms: Childhood obesity, Screen media, Parenting practices,
Focus of the study: The articles aimed at establishing the use of various media and media-related parenting practices in studies. It also sought to determine whether the studies included the influence, environmental factors have to media parenting.
Methodology: The study utilized...
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