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Nutrition / Macronutrients, Eczema, Sweet Craving (Essay Sample)


please add a section on eczema - how wheat, dairy and eggs can contribute to outbreaks- recommend cutting out for 3 weeks and adding one by one after...elimination diet...
even though Brighton tested negative for celiac disease he may have a food sensitivity...
add a section on macronutrients-
use macronutrient calculator and expand on brighton's report-
and a section on sweet cravings, how to control...


Evaluation of Child's Diet
Subject: Brighton
History: 9 years old, 53’’, 57 lbs, healthy and very active child. Brighton is having peer pressure-,a condition which involves peers influence on person’s behavior and attitude towards something or somebody. This has influenced his choice and preference for food, thus affecting his healthy eating habits.
Patient Information
Brighton is a bright young child who loves playing with his age-mates. He is very active in games and plays hockey and skis at school. He eats dinner every night with the family members. However, his eating habit has changed for the past six months and he is sneaking sweets, and craving for white foods such as pasta, white bread and potatoes. In addition, he is declining to eat mainly at family meals, which have raised a lot of concerns from the parents. There is therefore need for dietary advice for the child in order to ensure healthy lifestyles.
Diet Review
Brighton first provided me with a list of foods that was not quite accurate, later after more talking to him and his mom, we did discover more unhealthy choices during lunch at school.
In addition Brighton gets eczema outbreaks on his body quite often. The mom tries to help these outbreaks with oatmeal baths and lotions.
Original diet summery:
Breakfast: Green Juice
(apple, Kale, banana, lemon, cucumber, water, Flax seeds)
Eggs – either souflet with almond milk and spinach and peppers or
sunny side up,
Sometimes pancakes –gluten free, sometimes bagels
Lunch: school lunch: grass fed hamburger, veggies( broccoli, peas, corn)
and French fries
After school snack: 1/2 Chicken Panini with pesto, spinach and tomatoes
Dinner: Chicken, broccoli and quiche
Snacks: bananas, apples, sometimes rice chips and guacamole, popcorn
On weekends: snacks on ski mountain: chocolate, kit-kat or M&Ms, Cliff bar
Main beverage: water or soda water
Highly active: plays hockey and skis 4x/week
3 Day Diary after an other 3 days and more honesty
Day 1
Breakfast: 1 glass of green juice and 1 ouncegluten-free pancakes/ in coconut oil
Lunch: 1.5 ounce grass fed hamburger, I bag of lay potato chips,6 chocolate cookies and 1-2 ounce water.
After school snacks: ½ chicken Panini with pesto, 3 spinach leaves, and 1 banana
Dinner: 1 quiche, 0.5ounce broccoli and 2 ouncesoda water
Day 2
Breakfast: 2 ounce green juice and 0.5 ouncesouflet/ made of eggs, peppers and almond milk
Lunch: French fries, 2 cups of water, 5 chocolate cookies, 1 bag of lay potato chips and2 ounce veggies
After school snacks: ½ chicken, 3 leaves of spinach, and 2 apples
Dinner: quiche, I cup of water and 1 ounce broccoli
Day 3
Breakfast: I cup of green juice and 2 eggs -sunny side up
Lunch: tacos with rice , 6chocolate cookies, 1 bag of potato chips and 1 glass of water
After school snacks: 1/2 chicken, 1 packet of popcorn and 2tomatoes.
Dinner:1/4chicken, I ounce broccoli and1 glass of soda water
Brighton eats diet that is high in fats, carbohydrates and sugar. He also likes eating chips when around with the friends. He is sensitive to taste and does not eat nuts or meat which is a good source of proteins. His mother cooks six days in a week, breakfast and dinner, which is composed of organic ingredients, and very little/ no processed food.
Continuing this diet Brighton is craving for poses great risk of unhealthy weighty gain, dental problems and cardiovascular diseases. Even though he is highly active, the decline in eating at family meals and sneaking sweets is concerning to the parents. In addition to his eczema outbreaks, that seem to be getting worth.
Physical Activ...
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