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Tackling Causes of Conflict among the Nurses (Essay Sample)


Hey, I have research from this link about the research methods for nursing, the assessment is totally different with what we need to write now, so I think you will need all the instructions from this subject.


Tackling Causes of Conflict among the Nurses
Part 1
Nursing is an important field in health and medicine that facilitates service delivery to an ever increasing patient population. The field requires a lot of passion due to numerous challenges involved in discharging duties. The most common problem is conflict among the nurses especially conflict involving newly recruited and experienced nurses (Ashker, Penprase, & Salman, 2012). The paper, therefore, focuses on finding solutions to the causes of such conflicts. To achieve that evidence will be retrieved from relevant journals in the nursing field, it will be analyzed, and then findings will be used to give recommendations on how best such conflicts can be addressed.
Clinical question under research
How best can we tackle the causes of conflict among staff in the nursing unit?
Many factors influenced the selection of this research question. There have been concerns raised about the rampant increase of conflict among nurses especially those working in the nursing unit (Høye & Severinsson, 2010). The newly appointed nurses have found themselves in unnecessary conflict with experienced nurses leading to disruption of service delivery in health care centers. The ongoing conflicts among experienced and newly recruited nurses not only affect their working relationships but also expose patients to the danger of being given poor services (Fernandes & Moreira, 2013). The need to prevent these looming effects is what influenced my choice of the research question.
Locating and retrieving evidence
EBSCOhost online library was used to get information for conducting research. To get the right journal I had to analyze each journal and relate it to my research question. I used peered reviewed journals because they focus on a particular topic hence it is easier to find the right information in details. I avoided textbooks because they have so much information on different fields, and hence they would provide me with scanty information (Iglesias, et al., 2012). I used nursing journals published between 2010 and 2015. That was because the nursing profession has evolved so much over time and hence addressing issues affecting it requires updated information.
The hierarchy of evidence throughout the study was based on Joanna Briggs Hierarchy of Evidence. The FAME model was used in selecting evidence whereby the model represents Feasibility, Appropriateness, meaningfulness, and effectiveness. Under feasibility concept only journals that provided practical solutions to causes of conflict were chosen. Concerning appropriateness concept, only those journals that were in the nursing conflict context were chosen (Iglesias, et al., 2012). Concerning meaningfulness concept only, nursing journals touching on positive conflict resolution were selected. Concerning the notion of effectiveness, only those journals that had positive outcomes on the research question were considered.
The research used case-control type of study to establish cases on conflicts affecting nurses and provide necessary control measures. The research was tedious and hence the use of key terms was necessary for establish the right research materials. Conflict, nurses and causes and prevention were the keywords that made research easier (Iglesias, et al., 2012). The key search strategy used was Boolean operators. For example, I used the operator (NOT) to exclude other medical practitioners' titles while searching for nurses. That ensured that only the required information was sought and helped to save on time.
Summary of evidence
Authors and year of publication

Hierarchy of Evidence – Type of Evidence & Ranking

The Research Question / or Problem being addressed

Aim of the Study

Description of particip...
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