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Critical Appraisal of Evidence (Essay Sample)

I am not sure how many sources needed. you decide. ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS and EXAMPLE are attached. Australian English In this subject, there 2 assessments. I have already done and submitted assessment 1. In assessment we were require to locate evedince and I have already located a systematic review as evidence. - In assessment 2, we are require to appraise the evidence (the systematic review). This is what you need to do. - All attached documents related for assessment 1, were attached for your information. you only need to do assessment 2. - paper must be written in Australian English. I have attached worked example which our lecturer used. I have attached (SR Critical Appraisal Worksheet) which you can use. - The documents (Assessment 2 Task Sheet and Assessment 2 marking guide) must be strongly consider in order to meet the requirement. - I have attached the document named (systematic review) which you are going to appraise using SR Critical Appraisal Worksheet. remember, you are critically appraising how 'good' or 'not' was the systematic review using the attached SR Critical Appraisal Worksheet - you are NOT critically appraising the individual studies (that's what the systematic review authors should have done already). - I have attached the study modules just as an indication of the content of the subject. - assessment 2 should be written up with an essay-type structure; not a table and/or dot points: introduction (eg set up problem with brief literature) - body (the bulk of your critical appraisal) - conclusion (what's the bottom line, what are your recommendations about the evidence). - Current Journal Article and book must be use only as resources and refernces. no website or other. I have selected the paper to be written by top 10 writers, so please please consider my essay and do your best in given me the most possible perfect essay. kind regards source..
Critical Appraisal of Evidence Name: Institution Critical Appraisal of Evidence The healthcare system is constantly changing as growing expectations of society among other factors continue to affect the modes of service delivery in the sector. These changes make the transition of undergraduate nurses into clinical practice a very stressful period, resulting in increased focus on strategies of improving the transition process. There exists extensive research and studies on transition strategies to determine whether they improve clinical competence and productivity of nurses. This paper contains a critical appraisal of a systematic review on the effectiveness of strategies applied in the transition from undergraduate nurse to clinical practice. Summary Existing literature such as ‘Bridging the theory practice gap: a review of Graduate Nurse Program (GNP) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates’ (2011), analyses the effect of the graduate Nurse Program in the United Arab Emirates. Strauss (2009) in ‘Easing the Transition: A successful New Graduate Program’ conducted a project on the effect of New Graduate Program at Winchester. They concluded that the program was effective in retaining graduate nurses in the profession. A study by Fielden, (2012) supports this conclusion by arguing that the use of graduate programs in Saudi Arabia improved on the number of nurses in the career. A study conducted by Duchscher, (2009) in ‘Transition shock: the initial stage of role adaptation for newly graduated Registered Nurses’ reveals that there is a need of using preparatory theory on the senior students who face the challenge of the changing environment between school and their new professions. Edwards et al. (2011) in ‘The effectiveness of strategies and interventions that aim to assist the transition from student to newly qualified nurse’ identifies as the highest source of evidence in the study review of transition programs. The review is made up of several existing evidence summarized into one comprehensive review showing the effectiveness of strategies used in the transition process. It also fully addresses the issue of quality, precision, and validity of the study results thus making it the best evidence for critical appraisal. Critical Appraisal The studies completed by Edwards et al. (2011) intended to establish whether support strategies during transition are effective and their impact on retention rates. The objective of the review is to answer this question by synthesizing available data from previous studies regarding the effectiveness of strategies and support offered during transition from undergraduate nurses in final school years to the clinical workplace. The clear review objective is to evaluate and update any progress on interventions since 2002 (Edwards et al., 2011). The review justifies appraisal findings using results from data synthesis and outcomes of thirty-three studies in the review. The rationale behind the studie...
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