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Mother and Her Unborn Child: Pregnancy and Physical Activity (Essay Sample)


This essay is worth 20% of my total grade of this unit. this task have 4 question, you need to answer 4 questions separately. word length is 1000 words maximum, and you only need to write about 830 words. Please follow the guide that I upload. Additionally, for the reference list:
1. Only ONE from what has been provided to you in class
2. At least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles
3. Deakin Harvard format - not just Harvard format
4. Material/content is researched - not just taken from class material/lecture material
5. Reference list correct
6. Low levels of similarity - i.e. written in your own words (this is very serious!!!!!)
You can see further information for this task from the school website, you can use my student account.
USERNAME and PASS will be provided upon request
The unit is HSE113 Growth Development and Aging for Exercise Scientists.
Hope you can help me get a good grades.


Impact of Pregnancy and Physical Activity on the Physiological, Structural, Social and Cognitive Growth of a Mother and Her Unborn Child
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Impact of Pregnancy and Physical Activity on the Physiological, Structural, Social and Cognitive Growth of a Mother and Her Unborn Child
Responses to the questions AT1 case study 1 – Eliose and Liam
Question 1: What are the KEY physiological and structural changes, which will occur for the foetus Liam from conception to his current development stage?
Maternal physical activity during pregnancy has a role to play in foetal growth and development. Eliose, who is 27 years old, is at 24 weeks pregnancy and has been in active physical exercise prior to her pregnancy to date. With her doctor’s instructions to give up running, she decides not to stop running, but reduce her training since she has a competition due at 32 weeks of her pregnancy. At her current gestational stage, it is critical to understand the role of growth and development in exercise science and the physiological and structural changes that will occur to Liam, her unborn baby, from conception to his present stage of development.
In week 1 and 2, Liam will undergo rapid cell division to form a morula. At this stage, the blastocyst will implant on the mother’s uterine wall and by the end of the second week, an embryo will form alongside with the placenta and the umbilical cord (Malina, Bouchard, & Bar-Or, 2004, p.22). The formation of organ and systems takes place during week 3 through 8, and by the end of week 8, the Liam will have complete basic physiological and anatomical features. Between week 9 and 36, there is a rapid growth in mass and size of the foetus alongside a rapid proliferation of neurones. It is during this time when no more anatomical features are established.
It is important to note that at Liam’s current developmental stage, he has a functioning brain, ears, eyes, and muscles. Relevant to a Liam’s growth and development is the role of her mother’s physical activity and alcohol consumption before conception and during the gestation period. The general health and physical activity of Eliose before and after pregnancy plays a role in the development of Liam and directly or indirectly affects his health and developmental outcomes. For instance, excessive alcohol intake may result in Liam developing foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) leading to Liam having a small head size and cognitive issues such as poor impulse control, poor judgement, lower IQ scores, and learning disability (Malina, Bouchard, & Bar-Or, 2004,., p.33). There is no direct evidence pointing to the harmful effects of the mother’s physical activity to the unborn baby and it is recommended that pregnant mothers undertake regular exercise to reduce risks of obesity and chronic illnesses (Moyer, Reoyo, & May, 2016, p.37). However, this should be done under the guidance of a general practitioner.
Question 2: What are the KEY physiological, structural, social and/or cognitive changes that Eliose will experience during pregnancy and into the postpartum period?
Pregnancy is accompanied with a myriad of structural, physiological, social, and cognitive changes. Eliose will experience physiological changes due to hormonal effects and some of these changes will be uncomfortable for her but they help in the protection and nourishment of the foetus, development of breasts for milk production, and preparing her body for labour. During pregnancy, Eliose will produce more oestrogen hormone to promote the flow of blood to the placenta and the uterus. There are also chances of...

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