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Terminating Human Pregnancy Abortion (Essay Sample)


Hi, this essay is a standard 5 paragraphs structure, doesn't need to use hard vocabularies or sentences, but mainly express and analysize your thoughts clearly, I uploaded 7 documents, 5 articles and 2 documents about the requirement, doesn't need to use all those 5 articles, but at least quotes two articles, and you may decide which you want to use, but only the readings that I provided, can't find sources online. I uploaded the requirement of prompt and thesis statement, I also provided the sample for the thesis statement also the samples. Please read carefully on prompt and review, make sure you write everything. It must be clear on thesis statement and every topic sentences on the starting paragraph, must be clear, every body parageraph need at least one quote from an article, this essay is the last one for this semester, it is 30% of the grade, very important, thanks!


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Abortion can be defined as the process of deliberately terminating human pregnancy. It is often done within the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. The issue of legality or illegality of abortion has been asked many times with many questions arising. Issues of choice for women to care for their body as they will have been in conflict with moral issues that are related to abortion. Questions of the effects that abortion has on the women during and after abortion have brought a heated debate on its legality and practice. In the United States, abortion was decriminalized by the Supreme Court in 1973 hence it became legal in all states in the country. There is at least one abortion clinic in all states in the country.
Despite being legal in the country, various states have come up with regulations under which abortion can be conducted. Some states are even putting in place laws that are seeking to criminalize the act. Laws legalizing abortion in the US argue that women should be allowed to make decisions on their bodies without being ashamed, discriminated or judged since as Americans they have and enjoy the freedom of choice. The federal law has placed an undue burden which restricts states from putting in place state laws that will deny women or place obstacles that will block women from aborting a non-viable fetus. A non-viable is a fetus in which the infant may be born dead or may not survive after birth. The term of a non-viable fetus is used in the US to refer to infants whom upon birth, their mothers due to different reasons may not be able to care to them. It also to a fetus that is unwanted by the mothers. A lot of debate has erupted on the issue of abortion and unending critics on its legality have been experienced.
An article, The Pro-Choice Movement Cares More about Abortion than Choice, by Alexandra Desanctis states that women with their right to choose, should also value the choice of life (Alexandra, pp. 115). Despite its decriminalization, some people have stood firmly against it. An example in the article, “The Women the Abortion War Leaves Out”, Michelle Oberman gives a case of Oklahoma where there are women who have dedicated their lives to trying and change the minds of the “abortion-minded women” (Michelle, pp. 120). A reason for abortion is given as due to economic issues. The people against abortion argue that there are other ways in which women can care for their infants. Jeanne Mancini, in her article Sorry, Planned Parenthood, your radical pro-abortion culture war is failing, also reprimanded abortion where she stated that it has more negative effects on the lives of women than good (Jeanne, pp. 111). Abortion should not be legal because no individual choice, legal or illegal, should take away human life; because it poses a lot of risks to the women both to their health and their emotions; because there are better ways of dealing with unwanted pregnancies like adoption of infants.
Abortion should not be made legal because no choice, legal or illegal should take away human life. Abortion leads to the loss of human life. The fetus, can and should be considered aa a living human being. The life of any person starts in their mother’s womb and that’s the reason why some of the things that mothers do during pregnancy e.g. smoking may lead to long term effects on a person through his life. It means that a fetus is the beginning of human life hence termination of pregnancy can be only considered as killing of a human being. Nobody has the p

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