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Global Nursing Shortage (Essay Sample)

1. APA style 6th edition to follow. 2. 15 or more than Rererences needed from journals, database, research papers,Text Books - Contemporary nursing text books, leadership in Nursing books,nursing magazines and from relevant sources , it should be starting from 2009, below 2009 not acceptable according to college, 3. Task description: The student will research and critique one contemporary issue as identified with a newly registered nurse graduate in a clinical health settings, to use standard interview guide, provides to develop a more detailed interview plan. This individual assessment item provides students with an oppertunity to research and crique one contemporary nursing issue as identified in an interview with newly registerd nurse graduate in a clinical health setting, students will use a standared interview guide, provided to develop a more detailed interview plan. source..
Global Nursing ShortageName:University:
1.0 Introduction
The nursing decline in numbers or shortage is a global challenge. This is affecting each and every country in the whole world. With this situation of global nurse shortage, a lot of patients are helpless since they are suffering because their daily healthcare workforce has proved not prepared to help them deal with all the necessary health needs. However, less is known on the global and regional causes of a residing professional and unprofessional nurses workforce (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011). The nursing shortage situation has been projected to worsen significantly over the next two or so decades. This is true the present trends continue. The Department of Health and Human Services in the United States did a report in 2009. The report was titled Projected Supply, Demand, and Shortages of Registered Nurses. According to this report the current shortage will continue to deepen since increasing numbers of professional nurses are continually retiring from the nursing field compared to few nurses who continue venturing into the profession ((Hayes, 2012)).
2.0 Definition
To achieve the objective of this paper, an interview and a literature review has been performed with newly registered RN and using published literature mostly online peer reviewed journals. Main search areas involved global nursing shortage, general international nursing, global nurse migration, world brain drain, and world health care related systems (Brier, 2009). Understanding the definition of the nursing shortage is crucial and very important. How can we define nursing shortage? For purposes of this paper, we define nursing shortage as a situation where the demand for professional nurses is higher than the supply in the nursing industry. This is the current case in most of developing and developed world and especially in the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009).
3.0 Global nurse shortage
It is argued that the nursing shortage can be caused by a situation where we have nurses who are very willing to work as professional nurses in the present conditions. This can further be absolute and also relative terms. We can say an absolute shortage of nurses is a situation where some or many skilled people are indeed not available for any specific vacancy in the nursing field (Clark & Allison-Jones 2011).There are 8 United Nation`s Millennium Development Goals (UN 2011) which include: 1) eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, 2) achieving universal primary education, 3) promoting gender equality and empower women, 4) reducing early child mortality, 5) improving maternal health care, 6) combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other related diseases, 7) ensuring environmental sustainability, and 8) developing a global partnership for development (UN 2011). From the millennium goals, we can have a huge impact if the shortage of nurses keeps on the rising. A god example is an ...
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