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Current Issue and Plan of Action Paper (Essay Sample)

PLEASE USE THE SAME WRITER. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND FOLLOW THE GRADING RUBRIC (Which is an attachment)TO WRITE THE ASSIGNMENT. a) Research the issue of stress in nursing practice as it has been portrayed in your nursing experience.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b) Write a 500-750-word paper in which you prepare a plan of action related to the issue. Include the following: (1) Identify the issue and describe how it affects quality of patient care. (2) Identify the key players and their roles in alleviating the problem. (3) Discuss internal and/or external political and legal issues related to the issue. (4) Explain the relation to workplace violence in a clinical or hospital setting. (5) Prepare a plan of action related to the issue. Discuss at least three key points to be included in the plan and how they will be incorporated. c) Use APA format including a title page, an introduction, and a conclusion. An abstract is not required. Cite in-text and in the References section. source..
Impact of stress and how to handle it
People live in moment where stress is order of the day. People always concern about uncertainty in life. In places where hunger, violence, and war are common, each day brings new dangers. We feel it in various moments for different reasons. It interferes with our ability to work on particular circumstances; high level of stress is dangerous in health. Constant stress can results in ulcer, headaches, heart problem and skin reactions. It can decrease immune system that fights disease and infection. Chronic stress causes cancer. We experience emotional stress because we process information about events that happens around us when our body responds to them.
Marellei (2004) claims that stress can arise from overwork, dealing with relatives, lack of resources, examination, feeling inadequate in carrying a task, conflict with others, being in a new situation for a first time.
According to Dollard (2011), nature of work stress renders health care vulnerable to social, political and economic manipulation. Work stress is an epidemic; an economic challenge as a public phenomenon. It is crucial for the public sector to improve health care services of workers as a way of promoting performance of various organizations in public sector. Also, legal issues should be formulated to deal with behaviors where stress is seen as a scapegoat for management problems in public sector. There should be workers’ compensation stress claim; this does not suggest that public sector environment is stressful. However, public sector industries have more stress claims. Stress arising out of employment has to be considered as a legal concern because it is a substantial cause of disorder of the mind. Legalization has change definition of stress-related disabilities to psychiatric disabilities to t...
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