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Frailty (Essay Sample)

Please see attached upload. This is a continuation of what you have already written. Please address section 3 that says due 3/11/13 and please do the first 3 parts. I will do #4. For Section 3 and on #2 where it says to "address the characteristic of chronic illness as they relate to my selected condition (Frailty). pPease use the reference she gave you. It is a book by Strauss, Corbin, Fagerhaugh et al for A-G. Please use left heading for each A-G. I believe #3 of section 3 we are to use the book as well along with other periodicals you can find. Please use APA 6th ED only. Please use a minimum of 7 references. Again, please use left heading for each of #3 A-H. Thank you source..

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Frailty Introduction
Frailty, with reference to a medical condition, lacks a widely accepted definition (Fried, et al, 2004). However, it is agreed that it is a condition that is mostly associated with the older populations. Usually, it is associated with higher risks from injuries, morbidity as well as mortality as one becomes progressively older. However, in spite of the fact that frailty is associated with the older populations, there are elderly people that are as fit as younger populations. Therefore, frailty does not affect all elderly people (Campbell & Buchner, 1997). The purpose of this study is to provide the characteristics of the condition, evaluate the effects of frailty on different age groups as well as how the condition affects the daily living of individuals that are affected.
Identification of frailty
Frailty, being a condition is rather complicated with reference to diagnosis or identification. The fact that even medical authorities fail to provide a definition of the condition causes the encounters of the medial professionals with the condition to rely on experience and instinct with reference to diagnosis and identification. This influences the prognosis of the patient (Fried, et al, 2004). The severity of the symptoms that are characteristic from frailty is different with reference to individuals and their lifestyles among other factors. The general symptoms of frailty include loss of body weight and body muscle, difficulty in mobility, weakness and exhaustion that are probably magnified by being inactive. The presence of these symptoms predisposes an individual to falls, disability, and lack of capacity to carry out daily activities, frequent visits to the hospitals and probable admissions as well as death. Studies have linked frailty to genetics, hormones and reduced muscular strength (Fiatarone, et al, 1994). The diagnosis and identification of frailty is further complicated by the fact that it may exist alongside other diseases and injuries and thus may be viewed as a consequence of old age or the other diseases (Wolf, et al, 1996).
Characteristics of frailty
The time through which an individual suffers from frailty can be altered by treatment or lack thereof. With the failure of an individual to seek treatment geared towards frailty as a condition by itself, the more likely that the patient’s condition will continue to worse (Winograd, et al, 1991).
Long Term
The patient may in the long term become weaker, become more predisposed to falls and diseases besides losing the energy required for mobility. However, if a patient seeks treatment, he or she will delay the course of frailty and may therefore be able to enjoy life in relative independence.
Uncertainty of Treatment
However, the success of treatment is not always guaranteed, as the patient may be unable to u...
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