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Mental Health Resources (Essay Sample)

Write a 400-500 word APA format paper that addresses the following: (1) Identify 3 different mental health resources in your community (2) Discuss the population and/or community benefit from these resource (3) Identify the funding sources that cover the cost of this resource (4) Discuss what the strengths and weaknesses of theses mental health resources in your community PLEASE REFER TO THIS Community Resources Assignment Grading Criteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! References for the 3 mental health issues: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. Healthy People 2010. National Institute on Drug Abuse. Maurer et al., chaps. 16 and 17 source..
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Community Resources
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Mental Health Resources
There are various community health resources in different places which help people to cope with their problems and become a better person. Such resources are necessary for the benefit of the society as certain issues like alcoholism do prevail in the general population. These people need outside to help them cope with it and improve their lives. This paper will talk about the resources available for the people in US and how they affect the general population.
The Three Resources
Among the various resources available are Alcoholics Anonymous, Healthy People and National Institute on Drug Abuse and these will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of all kinds of people who get together and tell each other their personal experiences regarding alcoholism. They all have this common problem and they help each other with it, giving them strength and hope. The organization does not charge any kind of fee, neither for membership nor treatment. The main purpose behind this organization is to rid the society of the evil of alcoholism and help those who want to quit this habit.
Regarding the second organization, Healthy People offers a structure for prevention of the society. It has certain aims to meet which includes the identification of major preventable problems to health and for the establishment of national goals for the reduction of such issues.
National Institute on Drug Abuse caters to the nation through giving them a chance of recovering from drug abuse and addiction. It offers strategic support and conducts research of several subjects and then makes sure that the results from those researches are used in helping the prevention and treatment of drug abuse.
Alcoholics Anonymous is a self-supporting group that aims at the betterment of the general society. It is not a government organization. It is...
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