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BHM443 Module 1 SLP (Essay Sample)

For this Module you are required to complete the following tasks: 1. Using the Internet and other sources research the following case: Robert Ray Courtney, a former pharmacist, who owned and operated the Research Medical Tower Pharmacy in Kansas City, Missouri. 2. Provide a detailed account of the key facts surrounding the case. Make sure to include the following: a. Case background b. Biographical description of the defendant and his company 3. Using information from the Internet and other credible sources identify and discuss the criminal and contractual aspects of the case. source..
UNITED SATES OF AMERICA, APPELLEE, vs. ROBERT RAY COURTNEY, APPELLANT Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (14, July, 2011) United sates of America, appellee, vs. Robert Ray Courtney, appellant The defendant was born in Hays Kansas city in 1952 and he is a former pharmacist who was the owner as well as the operator of Research medical tower in Kansas City in Missouri until 2002 when he was convicted of pharmaceutical fraud resulting to his sentence to federal prison. Robert Courtney graduated from the school of pharmacy at university if Missouri in 1975 and became the largest donor of the school after his graduation. He has been married third times and divorce twice. He has also served as a deacon in the Assembly of God church in Northern cathedral (Kansas City Star, 2001). In 1990, Courtney started to practice illegal purchasing of pharmaceuticals on the gray market and used them to fill prescriptions at his company resulting to increasing illegal activities including dilution of prescriptions targeted at increasing profits. It was until 1998 that one of the company`s sale representatives, Eli Lilly realized a discrepancy regarding the amount of cancer drug that was bought and sold by the company prompting her to conduct an internal investigation which yielded no e...
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