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BHA 427 Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Discussion text: For this discussion, please take some time to reflect upon two specific concepts you learned in this course. What are the specific concepts? What insight or ideas did you gain from learning each of these concepts? How (specifically) will you use this new information in your current or future career?
In order to earn maximum credit, the comment should be much more than your opinion, and more than a quick “off the top of your head” response. Be sure to support your statements with peer-reviewed sources; cite sources properly both within the text of the post and also at the end of the post in a formal reference list. The response must be a minimum of 500-750 words, clearly presenting two concepts (1 and 2, A and B, etc.).


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Various concepts have been learned in class through a thorough discussion of the modules. These concepts are designed to aid the students in reaching their objectives throughout the semester. In this paper, I shall discuss some of the concepts explained in class and their implications in my future career.
The first concept is about healthcare financial management. Nowicki (2018) states that it helps healthcare providers and administrators promote a service that does not exceed the patients' expected costs. An excellent grasp of financial management shall support the health providers' decision-making process on which tests are vital for the patient to reduce their expenses and the reimbursements that need to be made by the hospital. Finkler et al. (2018) enumerated healthcare financial management objectives, including generating income, evaluating and protecting taxes, assessing internal expenses, careful evaluation and preparation to make informed decisions, long-term investments, and persuading the stakeholders (i.e., third-party payers).

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