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Advanced Directives (Essay Sample)

PLEASE ANSWER ALL OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS!!!!!! What current ethical issue related to nursing or access to nursing care did you select to describe? Advance directives and discuss RIGHTS of individual preparing advance directive ____ (2 points) 2. What are the relevant laws, regulations or policy related to this issue that people want/might want to challenge? You should be able to answer questions about your issue! refer to federal law and MD state law ____ (2 points) 3. What Ethical Principles are at issue in this disagreement or conflict? discuss autonomy and Maleficience ____ (2 points) 4. Describe a resolution to this issue. Discuss that hospitals are now required to offer patient information about advance directive on admission to hospital. ____ (1 point) 5. How is this resolution supported by ethics? ____ (1 point) 6. How could this resolution (in #4) lead to a change in professional practice, the Code of Ethics, and/or the Nurse Practice Act or other law? relate to Maryland nurse practice act source..
Advanced directives [Student’s name] [Institutional affiliation] Advanced directives together with held rights by individuals setting up advanced directives Advance directives are perceived as instructions by an individual concerning treatment preferences together with surrogate decision maker’s designation in events whereby the individual may end up being unable to come up with decisions towards their medication (Redman, 2004, p.7). These directives are also regarded as personal directive or living will. The individuals who come up with advance directives hold certain rights which include the following. For instance, they hold the right to make preferred decisions and also enjoy the chosen services within the directives. Relevant regulations policy or laws related to advanced directives which individuals may aim at challenging MD state law and federal law are usually relevant to advanced directives and individuals have often made attempts towards challenging these laws (Mezey, 2006, p.11). This is because although these laws support advance directives, they aim at creating rights awareness among individuals but do not allow individuals to come up with their own decisions concerning how they ought to be handled once incapacitated. Ethical principles which are at concern within this conflict or disagreement The ethi...
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