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Prenatal (Essay Sample)

Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario (DO NOT INCLUDE SOURCES, should be ORIGINAL). Assume the role of a developmental psychologist that has been asked to provide advice to a 6-month pregnant woman and a postpartum woman. Prepare a memo in which you address the following items: Provide each woman with a daily activity list consisting of three to five activities that you believe will positively affect her infant's future development. If necessary, provide a time frame within the lists. Provide an explanation of why you selected each activity and how it can contribute to the prenatal, postpartum, and future development of each woman's child. Be sure that your explanation is based on developmental theory. source..
PRENATAL AND POSTPARTUM SCENARIO Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (15, January, 2011) Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario Introduction Research as shown that as from the fifth month of pregnancy an unborn baby as developed the ability to hear sound (like becomes familiar with parents voices), become aware of motion and even possibly exhibit a short term memory. Other scientific research a also shown that at seventh month the baby’s sleeping habits can be influenced by external cues and hence the fact that parenting starts way before birth hence activities done by the mother play’s a role in affecting the current and future development of the child. Six month pregnant and lactating mothers Eating healthy (special pregnancy diet) is another activity that expecting mother should do as it determines the development of the in terms of birth weights, and healthy infants. For instance should take a lot of iron, and other essential vitamins which are passed to the unborn. Such vitamin supplements like calcium provide bones and magnesium in optimum muscle performance. Proper eating also ensures that the infants get sufficient breast milk from the lactating mothers hence getting the crucial nutr...
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