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Healthy Grief (Essay Sample)

I WANT TO USE THE SAME WRITER ON ORDER # 00012956, PLEASE DON'T CHANGE THE WRITER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW FOR DOING THIS ASSIGNMEMT.USE THE GRADING RUBRIC TO WRITE THE ESSAY (which is an attachment)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- on the grieving process, giving special attention to the work of Elizabeth Kübler-Ross. In addition, explore the story of Job in the Bible, focusing on his suffering and grief. How does this story correlate to the grieving process defined by Kübler-Ross? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ii) Organize a table that compares and contrasts the grieving process and stages of Kübler-Ross to the story of Job.---------------------------------------------------------------------------- iii) Be sure to cite all sources in APA style and references should be in 5th edition APA format. Please use these references: Textbooks: a) Spirituality in Nursing by Mary Elizabeth O'Brien 3rd edition, chaps. 11 and 12 Web Sites: a) Bible Gateway. source..
The Influence of Faith on Overcoming Grief By: (Name of student) (Course) (Date of Submission) Death, abandonment, rejection, and losing hope are some of the situations people usually do not want to experience in their lives. Being humans, people are vulnerable to these kinds of situation and susceptible to being trapped into a limbo of hopelessness and great despair. Grief is essential to the process of surviving the limbo though at times, some people fail to overcome the complicated state. Different people have different ways on overcoming their loss. The more important the loss people have, the more severe their grieving is (Westberg, 1997). The process also differs depending on the way an individual gives meaning to life and the things he or she has. One’s view about life and suffering is consequential to his or her attitude towards loss and the process of grief. Faith is one of the factors that may help people to recover faster from loss of someone and depression (Westberg, 1997). One’s spiritual upbringing can shape one’s attitude towards death and rejection. The way people give meaning and importance to their loved ones, to the material things they acquire, etc. has a significant role to one’s stance on death and loss. More often than not, the ones who have a better understanding of such matters can face problems more effortlessly than others. In Christian religion for instance, we can see how people with strong faith can overcome difficulties and loss through belief and trust in their God. One of the most popular stories in the Christian bible that discusses grief and faith is Job’s narrative about God’s test upon him (Job 1-42). In the story, Job’s faith in God was very strong that he was able to overcome the loss and difficulties faster than any other normal people. His belief in God’s will and power gave him hope and understanding of his situation. His faith comes first before anything else. In table 1, the process of understanding and accepting the terrible situation done by Job in light of his faith and trust in God is shown. In a book entitled On Death and Dying, Kübler-Ross (1969) discusses the stages which people normally undergo in the process of grieving. The five stages of grief include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance (Kübler-Ross, 1969). As we can observe, these stages are not experienced by Job in the story stated above. Acceptance seems to automatically become Job’s resort after he learned what happened to his property and loved ones. He did not experience anger nor depression. Although we cannot argue about the validity of the story, we can use it to see how faith and belief in God may help a person in overcoming grief and any related suffering. In table 1 and 2, com...
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