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Media (Essay Sample)

The Media We choose this topic because mass media can affect people in many ways just by entertainment and news programs. We also suppose that the Globalization and the Media are in tight relationship because today people are getting more interested in their lives and what surrounds them. Our definition for media: sources that are spreading information and news. -Newspapers -Internet TV Radio Brochures and so on. Therefore the media topic is important and essential in people's everyday life. There are many examples of media influencing public's mood and of some nations' development: For instance the recent public strikes in Egypt which were organized in Facebook web social net. In contrast: we can discuss the strict laws in China Republic where the media is under government's control and has sensor hips on different entreatments and advertisements. Moreover, finance news and stoke market news can affect supply and demand markets. First and foremost, the media is not only for public use but also for personal aims. For example internet: Today many people have access to internet, therefore they can inform their families, friends and others about their location and what is happening in places they are Advantage: warn friends and families about disasters, events etc all over the world Disadvantage: places, pictures and private information can be misused by strangers. Plus some of sources of teh media might provide false news which may lead to unreasonable publiv panic. In conclusion, it is important to mention that people with poor education level believe in what they see and hear. That is why in country with relatively remarkable poverty cannot change their living standards because of state sensor ship on the media. It's our outline Be careful please because we have a special computer tool which checks plagiarism facts in our university. *please send the work to both emails* source..

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Media can be said to be as old as mankind since during the time of our fore fathers, there was different mode and mediums of communication. The term media, which is derived from the word medium, simply denotes a mode or method of conveying information. With advancement in information technology, different and high tech mode of communication have been invented which makes passage or conveying of information to be timely and it can also be accurate if not misused. The 21st media has gone a complete metamorphosis, with heavy investment of modes and tools of communication which has made world a global place. Subsequently this has made it possible to know whatever is happening in the world from the comfort at our homes and places of work. Many years back, people used to use crude methods to communicate which included use of smoke, fire, messengers as well as writing on the ground. This does not however mean that these modes have become absolute. For example, in a survival situation and when one is lost, some of these modes are internationally accepted. Use of fire can be used to indicate one`s own position and writing on the ground or putting markers can be used by lost party to trace their way back. In this regards, this paper seeks to look at media in an in-depth manner by looking at the importance and shortcoming media plays in our society.
Media can be classified in many categories ranging from letters, newspapers, magazines, posters, social tools, emails, phones, movies, newsletters and public meetings are all medium of communication. On the other hand there is mass media that target to reach a big group of people. They include T.V, internet, radio and social media tools. Unlike what was used many years back, efforts have been made to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the mass media tools. In yester years, the mode of conveying information was tedious, time consuming and at times the intended message being conveyed could not reach the intended public in time, and in some situations failed to reach the public at all. For communication to be complete there should be a sender, receiver, message and medium, which all forms the vital process of communication. All media do utilize these vital components and it is how well they are used that makes one medium of communication to be superior to the other. This is why some T.V programs are watched by bigger number of viewers than others. The four components of communication should therefore be utilized appropriately in order to convey, inspire, educate and entertain the viewers.
The 21st century has seen great improvement on medium of communication. The advent of internet has changed many things including how people are able to convey and receive information with a click of a button. Some of medium largely used in this century are T.V, Internet, radio and social tools which include face book, emails, tweeter to mention but just a few.
Information is power,...
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