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Application for Job Re-Consideration (Essay Sample)

- You have just been denied Unemployment from the state (after applying for it), because you are attending school full time. - Your school is finished the same week, while receiving this ineligibility letter from the state. - Construct a one page essay, stating your appeal that your classes will be over November 21st, and that you will be willing and able to accept work (while also looking for work, if you did not get a job yet) Also stress your qualities and show that you have a business mind set. - Note: You have been accepted to receive benefits, but was deemed ineligible after telling them you are going to school full time, and that you voluntarily noted that you were not going to accept work while attending school full time. Under State Law, people who are not willing to look for work, or accept it, are deemed ineligible. You do have proof (class schedule) that 3 out of the 4 classes are ending on the 21st. The last class ends on the 15th of December, but starts at 5:30 pm (a typical work schedule is 8am-5pm, or 7am-4pm)to 8:30 pm. - Have Fun, and be creative. Persuade the state, that you are more than eligible to receive unemployment benefits. - Sorry Class forgot to mention, state in your appeal, that if you were to get a job (being that your graduation date will be spring 2012), Stress how education is important and having a job is also, so if getting a job, you will switch to online classes, so you can continue working. source..

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(19, November, 2010)
Dear Sir/Madam,
Application for Job Re-Consideration
Having applied for a job in your organization and accepted to receive benefits but denied later on the basis that I am attending school full time, hence rendered ineligible under state law. I here by appeal by stating that my classes will be over by November 21st, and that I am willing and able to accept work while finalizing my education.
According to my class schedule, three out of four classes will be ending on 21st November. The remaining class that ends on 15th December runs from 5:30PM to 8:30PM. This gives me more time to work as a typical work schedule that runs either from 8:00 AM to 5:00PM or 7AM to 4PM. Being n individual from a family background that is not financially stable, yet my graduation date will be spring 2012, education is very vital in my life as it opens up more opportunities. However, having a job will be as I continue with my education will be equally important. This is based on the fact that, I will be in a position to support myself while am in school and a times assist my family members. In case of the job demanding more time, I am ready to switch to online classes so that I continue working.
I strongly belief that my education knowledge, work related experience, past experience in working with collage bound students, my interpersonal skills like excellent communication skills and extensive participation in various activities, enables me to be the best worker while still a student. First and foremost, I have been remarked on my zest for people, am self-motivated, studious individual ...
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