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Scholarship essay (Essay Sample)

Essay must indicate reasons why I selected CUNY York College, reasons that warrant me getting the scholarship, benefits I received from any community service experience I had and contributions I can make or already have made to York College. Any additional info that you may need please feel free to contact me via email. source..

Running Head: Scholarship Essay
Scholarship Essay
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Scholarship Essay
Born in a large family among the Guyana Tribe, I have been raised in a hard- working environment, and involved in many free medical camps. These activities have helped me strengthen my ambition to learn more about pharmacology. Thus my main intention for applying for the scholarship in Cuny York College, to give me support in attaining my ambitions.
Since childhood, I have always wished to help people. The scholarship will enable me free my potentials to a wide variety of career opportunities. My main interest is the increased demand for pharmacists because of the increased demand of patient services, prescriptions and increased number of medicine available on the market.
I chose Cuny York because it is the only college where students get to engage in community service. I will get to work with social services while studying. This will quench my thirst of helping people. I love it when I inspire someone’s life. I guess it’s what builds up my communication skills.
I will be proud to be at Cuny York and continue to contribute to the York vision of high academic achievements, culture diversity and richness. Also, I will continue to instill behaviors of awareness, investigation and realization that will promote my individual development. In addition, I want to grow with technology on research and drug production.
I want to develop one of the most exciting pharmacy disciplines of pharmacogenomics only in York College. Work with the state of the art technology in enabling easy accessibility of pharmacies, which will improve immunization or drug distribution program in epidemics or emergencies. Most importantly, I want to be a highly respected member of my community by being a leader in health issues of all families.
My interest in continuing with education I believe is one main quality of a great pharmacist. I want to engage in new research and developments in the industry. The interaction moments I’ve had with members of the society have greatly improved my interpersonal skills. I have learnt that the most important key to every daily life is to know how to deal with people and listening plus having a good memory.
I believe that I would be a worthy recipient of Cuny York scholarship. I managed to do well in high school though I walked for long distance to school. I have managed to complete my first pharmacy diploma and have 3.99 G.P.A. I have worked as a pharmacy technician with CVS and work with the York community workers. Also, with the help of my fellow social services volunteers, I have organized free medical camp and we go to children’s homes and help in giving ...
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