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Memories are Made of This (Essay Sample)

I am in my final year at school. I am looking for a creative writing piece for my english examination. The essay is out of 50 marks and needs to be around 300 words. I will not know the topics untill I get into the examination but think that a subject like Memories or Memories are made of this can be adapted to many topics. If you have a better suggestion I would appreciate it. Thank you. source..

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(29, September, 2010) Memories are Made of This
Life is more than one can comprehend, as one completes the final year the best thing one thinks is a bright future that is full of success. However the future can’t be without the past, this past brings memories that keep lingering in the minds. Leaving friends that one is fond of and have been close seems an uphill task; the things one was used to do always flip through the mind and are most are unforgettable.
Time fly’s swiftly and just some year’s back I was admitted in my first year, it was a step that one thought it would take a lifetime but the dream to graduate is here beckoning and I can’t believe that it is real. During this time I have been with classmates, schoolmates, workers and teachers, I have made friends and enemies and it has been an unforgettable experience to wash away. Friends’ voices calling my name, the games we played together the song we sang and most of all their smiles and laughs that made each day be the best; this creates memories that one cannot get over quickly. As one grows more responsibilities keep on being more, the past will assist in handling these responsibilities and helping one to be better.
The routine and routes I used to follow while at school, the classrooms, the lessons and the experience it is all incredible and unforgettable. I don’t believe it will soon be the final day where we will all say goodbye and we may never see each other again. I must take a photograph of each one of my friends to help me keep...
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