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A Wild Sheep Chase – Nationalism in the Postwar Japan (Essay Sample)


A Wild Sheep Chase
This is a thesis driven paper. You will need to decide on a topic, then put forward an argument based on your analysis of your topic.
Please write a critique of the novel, A Wild Sheep Chase
1. You may use a lens, use cited research, or focus on your own analysis.
2. Please place your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph.
3. If using a lens, your first body paragraph should ir. Then refine your lens. By this, I mean focus your lens on the specific things that you are focusing on in the work.
4. Your topic sentences should clearly refer to something in the work, and refer to your analysis of the work.
5. In your paper, you must refer to all three sections of the book, as well as the ending of the work.
May 2. Please upload a PDF of your paper to the LMS before midnight. If you do not know how to create a PDF, please ask your instructor in advance of this date. Please submit a completed checklist with your first draft.
Please adhere to the following.
Word count: 1250 to 1500 words, double spaced, Times New Roman font.
Formatting: Formatted according to the MLA style.

Citations: Citations according to the MLA style.
Your paper should follow the MLA ‘formula' of an introductory paragraph (with hook, background information, thesis statement, body paragraphs with topic sentences, paragraphs which are balanced in terms of length, finishing with a concluding paragraph. Your citations should appear on a separate page (or separate pages) at the back of your paper.
Please find a writer who read this book before, our professor is very restrict, does not allow any plagiarism, need to write a literature analysis, can't not use any sources. Thanks


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A Wild Sheep Chase – Nationalism in the Postwar Japan
The novel follows the Narrator as he attempts to find the starred sheep. He had received a starred sheep photograph from his friend the Rat and on publishing it, he found himself entangled in a mess of finding the sheep which is a symbol beyond the reach of an ordinary man.
This essay details analysis of the novel from a socio-political perspective dissecting the events in the wider context of Japanese political history. The author figuratively uses some entities like the sheep to signify some important elements that have been integral to Japanese political landscape. The story is a continuation of the Rat trilogy in the Hear the Wind Sing, Pinball 1973, and A Wild Sheep Chase that represents a search for identity in post-war Japan.
The political aspect of this novel is a continuation of the Hear the Wind Sing and the plot to criticize the Japanese nationalists' identity in postmodern Japan. The prologue details the burial attended by the Narrator of her ex-girlfriend whom they slept together around 1969 but he struggles to remember her name. She met her at the Shinjuku anti-war demonstration and they meet again a year later on November 25, 1970, in the school cafeteria. The ex-girlfriend is an allegorical reference to the students' movement during this time which sought to restore power the Emperor in a revival of the immediate post-Meiji Restoration society which they called the “Showa Restoration. The student movement had died off and the once vocal students' idealism had plunged them into boredom and pointlessness. On this very day, was the Seppuku of a famous Japanese novelist Yukio Mishima who had tried unsuccessfully to rally a far-right paramilitary group to overthrow the democratic government of Japan and reinstate the emperor. Seppuku is a ritual committed to claim honor Rather than being killed for a crime such as treason which Mishima had committed. Mishima had failed to rally the Self Defense Forces to join his course and he had opted to perform a ritual known as Seppuku.
The Narrator had been a member of the far-right groups as a student and he had lost interest in their nationalist ideologies to even care about the widely publicized seppuku ritual performed by Mishima on this very day. The students had been a very vocal group in Japanese politics earlier preoccupied with far-right ideologies but the Narrator, a former student movement member who is now disinterested by what he fought for barely a decade ago. The prologue foreshadows the course of the novel about Japanese nationalism and identity in the post-war era.
The marriage of Narrator's life has hit the rocks and his wife leaves him for his friend whom she had been sleeping with. Both had started a translation company which had changed into an advertising firm and they had increasingly become bored with their lives partly because they had lost their passion and belief in what they were to do. The lack of motivation even in his business can be attributed to the new reality of many Japanese Student Movement members. When he receives a request from his old friend Rat to feature a picture of s starred sheep in one of his adverts,

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