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War And Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


For this assignment you will created an annotated bibliography of three academic sources centered around your course theme. (War and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These sources must all be from the social sciences, so be sure to use the proper research methods and tools. The annotated bibliography (AB) will focus on the social sciences, so please use APA style. When annotating sources, consider the author's expertise on the topic, the currency of the article, use of illustrations (such as charts), and how effectively the source highlights the research theme.
o 3 academic sources from the social sciences
o APA citation preceding each annotation
o Annotations of 100-200 words, to include summary and critique
o APA style/documentation—including a cover sheet and running header
o Times New Roman, 12-point font
o Double-spaced


Annotated Bibliography
Student's Name:
Institution Affiliation:
Shaar, K. (2013). Post-traumatic stress disorder in adolescents in Lebanon as wars gained in ferocity: A systematic review. Journal of public health research. US National library medicine, 2(2) 1- 17
The authors present a systematic review of the published studies that documented the prevalence of PTSD in the adolescent population in Lebanon. The article presents an investigation on the increase in the rate of PTSD during the intensification of war in Lebanon. The article discusses the statistics gathered from Lebanon, which had a vicious civil war for decades and uses high-intensity warfare. A study was conducted on the areas to investigate the total percentage of adolescent's population in Lebanon that suffered from war and post-traumatic stress disorder. The article is concluded with an estimate of 5965 adolescents who were exposed to the Lebanon civil war who had specifically suffered post-traumatic stress disorder. This is a supportive source for getting an overview of PTSD prevalence rate and their determinant in adolescents in Lebanon civil war episodes. However, the article uses cross-sectional design in their studies that prohibits the understanding of the temporal progression of the relationship between variables that are explanatory and PTSD.
(McMullen, J, Paul., R, Justin, E, John, R,

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