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The Producers (Essay Sample)

Watch the film The Producers, by Mel Brooks 1968. Analyze film without including plot summaries, except as necessary to develop an argument. Evaluate film as works of art and as means of entertainment. source..

The Producers
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The Producers
It is true that there are many funny things and stories in this world that can make one laugh or enjoy other than the story of the Nazi and Adolf Hitler. Yes, everybody in this world who understands history cannot neglect to remember this regime, it was strong and determined. This is why it was so easy for this great film maker, Mel Brooks, to come up with this mocking film on the regimes’ story. It is also in public domain that He was a kind of guy who could just come up with just a mare ‘thing’ for the sake of. He is the kind of a director whose his unbearable weakness is to be loved by everybody regardless. It is out of this weakness that makes him come up with this kind of a film that seems so ordinary and soberly. This is what makes most of his viewers and lovers stay glued on the screen for a second laugher.
I should not have to say here that I am serious in what I am saying about Mel Brooks and Adolf Hitler. Yes, Mel Brooks this is a kind of producer who can use very sensitive and worst situations to make jokes and laugher about them. In fact, he gets off in making what seems to be impossible to many to something worthwhile. It is out of this character that he is able to make a joke of Adolf Hitler thus succeeding in making a marvelous film around the regime many remembers like it happened yesterday.
For sure one can conclude that Hitler, the actor, contributes very little in the film, the producers. The director of the film follows a story of a well known individual by then named Max Bialystock. This character is in the middle of a funny dance with very old people called ‘Hold me, touch me’. He is then, introduced to one guy by the name Leo Bloom who is anxious and has a problem in socializing with people.
Bialystock is fooled around by Zero Mostel, who ...
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