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A new use of social networking sites (Essay Sample)

Guideline of essay For this final project you must propose a novel use of audio video technology to answer Macao's need for diversification. This can be something for the future development of Macao's creative and cultural industries or for some other area of future growth. It might be a pitch for a television show on TDM, a new use of social networking sites, or a proposal for using 3d animation in new media. In other words, if you could create a new cultural product what would it be? Inspiration and relevant ideas can be drawn from anywhere, but the end goal must be a product that is realized and adapted to Macao. You could draw inspiration from a website like, the story project, or Apple Daily's use of 3d animation. You might also draw inspiration from specific technologies; is there potential in microblogging services like twitter and weibo or in podcasting? Does the iphone and tablet space suggest new possibilities? Or how might dslrs be a part of a local film industry? And least you forget, you may also draw inspiration from the casino and tourism industry. How are audio and video technology used in these industries and what might be an innovative new usage. For instance, what can the casino industry learn from the video game industry? Is a the mash up a model for such a new product? In developing your idea, you might consider such things as how your proposal addresses the changes in media consumption, e.g. where and how people watch or consume media. This includes technological changes in mobile computing (read tablets, cell phones, etc ... ) and it also includes generational changes. How do different generations use and consume media? Along these same lines, you might consider the potential differences in race, class, and gender. Does your show, idea, or concept cater to a particular group more than another? Ideas to keep in mind include how the line between public and private is drawn in your proposal? Who is its audience? How is your audience involved or not in its production? Are fans involved? And what is hegemonic or revolutionary about your project? Also how is space, diegetic and nondiegetic, used in your production? And lastly, what ofaudio? Evaluation: The proposal will be graded in terms of creativity, clarity of presentation, and writing style. In addition to this, attention will be paid to how well you apply your project to Macao. Also emphasis will be placed on how well you use references to existing media and technology to explain your proposal. Of course, you may include images, quotes, and links to support your idea; but please remember to speak to these references within your essay. You can't expect the reader to understand how you see these references without explaining this in the text. A final note on style, this is to be a personal essay, meaning it is expected that you will write from your perspective, conveying what you would like to see. And while you art? Writing about technology, social issues, and business you need not adopt a formal tone of voice foreign to your personal perspective. Information Media in Macau are available to the public in the forms of: television and radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet. They serve the local community by providing necessary information and entertainment. Macau's media market is rather small. The local media face strong competition from Hong Kong. Macau has reportedly the highest "media density" in the world - nine Chinese-language dailies, three Portuguese-language dailies, two English-language dailies and about half a dozen Chinese-language weeklies and one Portuguese-language weekly. About two dozen newspapers from Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and the Philippines are shipped to Macau every early morning. Macau's most influential newspapers are said to be the Chinese-language Macao Daily News and Va Kio Pou, the English-language Macau Post Daily and the Portuguese-language Jornal Tribuna de Macau source..

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(10th, May 2011)
A new use of social networking sites
Networking sites are those have been established to get majority of persons on the knowhow to on the occurrences of everyday life and are also used to connect people from all continents, walks of life and in different countries. The trend as has taken up a culture of the internet in which all is done through this stream of efficient communication. This is in that if one has not seen it in the internet, it probably doesn’t exist or is not really recognized. Currently, the government is using the internet to get information on different field and to seek their citizenry’s remarks (Hammond, 2007). This has been seen for one with the readily available statutes online, various judgments, and policies in ministry websites giving details of how well they aim to have their ministries running. This in a way has also seen the creation of jobs to the rising number of elite in the I.T sector and also for those auditors on the developments on the ground throughout the constituencies. With this process the citizens have been able to know the sluggish ministries and those which are increasingly doing their best to give citizens value for their taxes.
The government can use this social websites as a source of storage of information for persons as in this way it is almost impossible to get rid of the information stored in different websites. In this way, cases of fraud can be kept on a constant down low. In some cases as almost everyone is computer literate, news travel faster through the social websites than in actual broadcasting. In the same way that these has been helpful, it can lead to destruction of even a whole nation this is because rumors can be used to instigate panic amongst the people leading to civil conflict, this can be solved by having an advanced technology that can track people who are a threat to the society (Reed, et al. 2007). Security is a key factor in determining the disclosure of ways of investigation and the way in which there will be the capture of any persons practicing acts of terrorism in the society but only when necessary, they can retrieve private information by an author.
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