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Texting and Driving (Essay Sample)

Purpose of Assignment: This assignment asks you to work in a group to create a persuasive campaign about a public health issue that is relevant to people in Portales, NM. Your group will research, design, present, and defend a plan for dealing with a preventable behavior or health problem. Because group members must count upon one another for success, each member is expected to contribute and participate to the best of his or her ability. Keep in mind that in order for your persuasive campaign to be successful, your audience must be able to control or change behaviors and/or attitudes. For example, it would be unreasonable to expect to persuade a person to avoid the flu. Catching or avoiding the flu is partly out of our control. The same is true of certain mental health problems for which we may be hardwired to have or not have (e.g., depression). However, medical problems such as fetal alcohol syndrome, toxic shock syndrome, domestic violence, or physical abuse are preventable, as are poor lifestyle choices such as staying in a violent relationship, inadequate sleep, poor diet, aggressive driving, excessive television viewing by children, etc. Audience: For this assignment, your group will work to convince two distinct audiences. First, you must create a campaign aimed at your target audience (those members of the Portales community that are most impacted by the public health issue you choose). Second, you must convince skeptical members of the Portales City Council that 1.) your problem is an important one and 2.) that your persuasive campaign will be the most effective way to change the attitudes and behaviors of your target audience. PLEASE READ THESE NEXT FEW STEPS CAREFULLY! This is a Persuasive Campaign over Texting and Driving. There are 2 parts to the proposals: Part 1: Your group will provide a well-researched and detailed proposal that outlines the nature and scope of the high-risk behavior or health problem your campaign will address. This proposal must also identify your group's specific persuasive objective and defend it. Your primary audience for this proposal is the Portales City Council, as you must convince members that your problem is important and has an impact on the Portales community. Part 2: As part of your proposal, your group will write a detailed description (supported by research) of the target audience for your persuasive campaign messages (those members of the Portales community who are most impacted by your health issue), along with an assessment of some of the unique features or problems related to this audience. Your primary audience for this proposal is the Portales City Council, as you must convince members that your target audience is appropriate. Step-by-Step: 1. Each group must create a proposal that outlines its chosen health issue, identifies the group's persuasive objective, and provides a thorough, well-researched justification for the chosen topic. 2. Proposals should open by clearly identifying the purpose and nature of the project. 3. Background information must be included to inform/convince the reader (me) about the importance of the group's chosen health problem or issue. 4. Each proposal must clearly describe the target audience for this project. Potential information about target audiences should include a thorough explanation of demographic and psychographic data, as well as a detailed justification for why your target audience is appropriate for this issue. 5. All information provided in the proposal must be accurate, appropriately cited in APA format to avoid plagiarism (failure to cite properly will result in a failing grade), concise, well-written, and grammatically correct (1/4 point will be deducted for each error). 6. Proposals must be supported by at least five (5) credible sources. 7. Proposals must be 3-5 pages in length (not including title pages or bibliography). The proposal information should be about the city of Portales, NM. Research this town and find REAL statistics on the high -risk of texting and drviing locally (Portales) and state-wide (New Mexico as a whole). This assignment needs to be 3 FULL pages (not including title pages and bibliography). Any questions, please let me know source..

Texting and Driving
Student Name
High Risks of Texting and Driving in Portales, New Mexico
Drivers around New Mexico send text messages everyday while driving. Worse enough, they often glance outside while doing so. Texting while driving is absolutely unsafe just as driving while drunk is. This act is prohibited by the air- force, Department of defense as well as other security agencies. A recognized USA’s government website for ‘Distracted Drivers’, enlists three kinds of distractions. These are: removing eyes off the road, removing hands off the wheel and removing mind off what one does (Barcharts, 2009).
Campaign Proposal
This documentation is a campaign proposal targeted at two different groups: Drivers who rarely keep fingers off electronic gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones while driving and the city council officials who permit drivers to ply roads in their jurisdiction without legal licenses. The persuasive essay begins with a background of the problem.
It is clearly evident from emerging trends that the 21st century and hence the walk into the future will be restricted by new social economic and political challenges. Available statistics from Mexico City indicate that the emergence of new forms of trends along busy highways is likely to claim lives of innocent citizens. A few years ago road accident in Portales had become a thing of the past, this is no longer the case especially so because of the advancement of technology. Today as contrasted to the past, people walk into their cars accompanied by gadgets meant to keep them updated with the happenings all over the globe “thanks to the technology”. Unfortunately, they become so engrossed in these devices so much so that they easily forget they are driving in busy highways and that their counterparts too are endowed with equal or even better technology. Something must be done and urgently so to avert the occurrence of deaths as a result of advancement in science and technology whose major objective was to make man’s existence here on earth more comfortable unfortunately this has not been the case. Statistical data reveals that 17OO lives are lost every year to road accidents in Mexico only as compared to13602 those reported earlier in documentation (Housing: urbanization annual report pg 131). A new form of campaign, built upon a solid foundation and with unwavering determination must be launched if such devastating reports have to be averted.
Target group
Graphical representation of accidents in Portales and New Mexico

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