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Organizational Communication Styles (Essay Sample)


This is a 2 - 3 paged analysis of organizational communication in your department, and how styles and the flow of information impact your work. Questions to answer:
• What is the communication style in your department?
• What are some of your communications challenges?
• Think about how formal and informal structures, styles and channels used to send and receive information affect you.
• What would you do to improve communications in your department? If there are important messages that will impact the employee department directly, I would have a town hall meeting so that everyone can hear from the leader as well as be able to ask questions.
Give specific examples to support your points.
• To analyze the communication styles and tools that impact one's leadership at work.
• As a result of the analysis, to plan for areas of improving one's Leadership Objectives: agility, innovation, engaging others, strategic vision and self-awareness.
• To practice concise, error-free writing and formatting.
• To apply one's real-world work environment to classroom learning.
• Use Session 1 slides to help guide you
• Answer the questions in a Word document. Consider how you would present your analysis in a written report to an executive.
• Write with a defined beginning (introduction), middle (main body) and end (conclusion).
• Proof your paper carefully before submitting it to avoid any unnecessary errors.
Times Roman 12pt - Double Space
The document that is labeled Sample Analysis is what I started but need you to do a better job to get me a better grade.


Organizational Communication Styles
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Communication is a vital resource for the success of any organization. It allows a group of seemingly different individuals to plan, decide, and act like a single organism pursuing the same goal CITATION Ric191 \l 1033 (Richards, 2019). However, while communicating is easy, establishing effective communication is not. Effective communication styles foster an efficient, effective, and goal-oriented way of disseminating and receiving information within an organization. Accordingly, this paper would discuss some of the communication strategies being utilized in our workplace. This includes the style, difficulties, and even opportunities for improvement, among others. All in all, I believe that having a conscious knowledge of our department’s communication style would make it easier to bring about improvements in both communicational and functional processes. 

Organizational Communication Style
Upon a closer analysis of the past practices in our department, it becomes clear that we utilize a ‘two-way informal conversation’ style regardless of the place and the setting. This style has two aspects, namely (1) two-way and (2) informal. 
On the one hand, the two-way aspect of this communication strategy shows an approach where the message could be freely disseminated between the different levels of the workplace. This means that the flow of information does not only happen from top to bottom, but also from the bottom going up. Accordingly, in the workplace where I was working, the use of this two-way aspect helps our department to diversify ideas, connect management with operations, and even build a more meaningful relationship within the workplace. 
On the other hand, an informal communication style helps create better relationships between employees and the management itself. An informal style happens when there are no strict rules as to how employees or members should talk to between one. In other words, this focuses on the importance of promoting dialogue

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