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Strategy 1: Reinforce Educator And Student Partnership (Essay Sample)


Prepare a plan for designing and delivering instruction that addresses both the needs of the selected population as well as other diverse students.
Select a population that represents a type of diversity, which may include ethnic, learning styles, age, or cognitive ability. The selected population may be nursing students, staff members, or patients.
Explain how your selected population’s characteristic impacts their learning styles.
Provide three teaching strategies an educator could use with that particular group of learners.
Include a rationale for each strategy as to why it would be effective.
Use at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed resources less than 5 years old in addition to course materials.


The population that I chose for this assignment are the minority group of nurses and students including African Americans, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, Asians, and other people with mixed ethnicity. These nursing students represent the minority’s presence in nursing, which is by far, one of the most popular health care profession in the nation. Unfortunately, the minority nurses are on the decline due to academic difficulties and financial challenges. This makes the minority a population which need due attention and guidance so that they would be able to be integrated into the workforce and societal institutions. The minority group could be susceptible to many obstacles in their educational journey. Some might encounter bullying or discrimination, which could discourage them from doing their best. In this essay, strategies in teaching and assistance for their nursing education will be discussed. These plans and methodologies can help to rapidly improve and develop competency and skills of minority nurses. (Buckwell-Nutt.,..Kellett, P. 2014)
Strategy 1: Reinforce educator and student partnership
A teacher can only educate a student as far as where the interest of the student goes. By strengthening partnership between teacher and learner, Optimal learning conditions can be achieved. This means that the attention span of the student is able to adhere to the lessons within class periods. Also, when students have a good relationship with their educators, they are much more inspired to achieve better and aim higher (Zwerneman, et al 2018). As primary educators, the teachers have the responsibility to guide their students toward a joyful learning experience about the course. Teacher student partnership is encouraged so that the faculty can achieve an understanding and personal plan of how to mentor, tutor, direct and motivate their students according to each one’s specific needs.
Strategy 2: Create a Student-centered learning environment
An ed

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