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Introductory Post: Reducing Human Pain And Suffering (Essay Sample)


Discussion Board #1: Please introduce yourself to the rest of the class as a person, as a student, and as a fan. As you do so, please reflect on the assigned readings and the fan activity that you chose to observe and how you self-identify as a “fan” of something (could be royal weddings, sports, theater, television, movies, music, etc.). In addition to your post, in order to earn full credit for the assignment, comment on the discussion board posts of at least three of your peers. If you are one of the first three to post, you only need to post to the people above you. The early bird does get the “worm” on discussion board posts!! To be completely clear, in order to get full credit for discussion board participation, you MUST (a) respond to the prompt, 100 words request. (b) comment on at least three other students’ posts.
(1) The first student post is:
Hello everyone,
My name is Elizabeth (Liz) Henry and I am going to be a senior this coming fall semester at Ohio University main campus. I am currently studying organizational communications and minoring in public health. I wish to eventually get a job in human resources or some job in the medical field such as a public health specialist. As many of you I am a fan of sports. I love watching football with my family but I also love boxing (and have been doing it for about 4 years), crossfit and playing ultimate frisbee. I am also a fan of reality tv and any scary movie. Some reality tv show I watch are Keeping up with the Kardashians and Counting On. I wouldn't say I love watching these reality tv shows but I normally listen to them while doing something else. It's also weird liking shows that are the complete opposite of one another. Anyway, during my time in this class I look forward to learning about media fandom, idenification, speech designed to persuade audiences in a certain manner and changes in the media throughout childhood/ teen development and the effects that can have on someone's life. (comment on this post 50 words)
(2) The second student post:
My name is John Kramer. I look forward to getting to know each of you better. I am a huge fan of all sports. Mainly basketball and football. My favorite teams are the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ohio State, and North Carolina. I am originally from Dayton, Ohio. I am looking forward to learning in this class and growing my knowledge of contemporary culture and rhetoric. (comment on this post 50 words)
(3) The third student post:
I am also looking forward to taking this course these next 7 weeks. I love hearing about your family, I also have quite the age gap between me and my brother- 13 years! He is finishing up Kindergarten right now while I am entering my senior year of college. I'm a fan of a lot of Netflix Original shows as well as some YouTube Makeup guru's. I am eager to dive into the topic of this class and learn more about fandom. (comment on this post 50 words)


Introductory Post


Institutional Affiliation
Introductory Post

My name is XXX. I am a fun-loving person and laughs a lot. I love exploring new things and territories. I am also very passionate about people’s suffering, and that is why I look forward to work in the health sector and become part of the fraternity that helps reduce human pain and suffering (Loehr & Harlan, 2016). I believe that communication is of great essence in the modern healthcare industry, that is why I enrolled in this course. When I am not exploring new stuff during my free time, I love watching comedy movies. A joke never gets old to me. I can repeat a good comedy film several times and still derive joy from it. I am also a great basketball fan. I am an ardent supporter of the Golden State Warriors. I also follow soccer, and with the World Cup less than a month away, my excitement is growing, and I really cannot wait (Telegraph Sport, 2018).

Hello Liz,

I am glad that we share a similar enthusiasm about the importance of communication in the modern healthcare industry. As the industry

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