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Partnership proposal for Basketball Jam: A Game for All (Coursework Sample)


From Client: My non-profit: Good Sports My sport organization: Rio Grande Valley Vipers Don't worry about my partners, just do my part well. The relative course is Communication and PR in Sport. Thanks.
Your non-profit is looking to expand its visibility and increase brand awareness, so the Executive Director has asked your team to craft TWO partnership proposals with sport/recreation organizations. Your duo will target the sport/recreation organizations that you and your partner have been following throughout the semester.
You could develop ideas for a public relations campaign (Ch. 3) or suggest a CSR program (Ch. 12) involving the new partners. Each proposal must clearly define how the partnership will connect back to the mission statements and goals of both the non-profit and the sport/recreation organization. Proposals should be developed from an integrated communications lens.
As a non-profit, you don't have any money to offer for potential campaigns or activities, but you can offer other assets such as, partner recognition on communication platforms (i.e. logo on website, amplify the partnership on social media channels/podcasts/videos, in newsletters, at conferences/meetings, etc.) or VIP access to special events (i.e. galas, think tanks, thought leadership forums, etc.).
In each proposal, address the following:
What are the goals/objectives of the partnership?
By partnering with the non-profit, how will the sport/recreation organization better align with its mission or achieve its goals?
What other benefits will this partnership provide for the sport/recreation organization? (Consider: How will this partnership enhance the sport/recreation organization's image? How will it help grow the game? How will it improve their bottom line? Enhance the community?) (Chp. 12)
What type of impact will this CSR program/PR campaign leave on the non-profit?
Overall, how does the partnership fulfill the characteristics of an effective CSR program (Chp. 12) or PR campaign (Chp. 3)?


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Recipient Name
Rio Grande Valley Vipers
4500 North 10th Street, Suite 315 McAllen, Texas 78504
Partnership proposal for Basketball Jam: A Game for All
Situation Analysis
Ever since 2003, the Good Sports organization has been active in the provision of the resources, materials, and guidance needed by children to become active in sports. Primarily, the organization is what makes playing a sport a reality for children of any age and background. As of today, we have already donated about $26 million in grants for kids of all ages across the United States. In turn, this helped approximately 5 million children become more engaged in sports as well as contributed to more than 3,700 organizations who shares the same goals in the whole country. This is not yet saying all our sponsors from SMEs to Blue-chip companies such as Walter-mart, ESPN, and New Balance which helped us in every step of the way. This shows how trusted and effective our projects are, in giving back to our society. However, despite all of this progress, we believe that we are still a long way from achieving our long-term goals. On the one hand, we think that this effort of making sports more available for children should be met with a continuous effort. On the other hand, we also believe that in the process of achieving this, other organizations which are dedicated to the cause should also receive help from us and our networks of partners.
Why Partner with us?
Aside from helping us reach our goal, being a part of our sponsors also entitle you to the networks of different blue-chip industries that could further assist you in achieving your long-term goals. This includes not only your need for Public Relations, but also your capacity to commit to your established CSRs. We do know that your team – Rio Grande Valley Vipers – are already well-known across the whole nation and are helping others during some of your visits. Consequently, we as a non-profit organization, could not offer any significant monetary resources compared to your current sponsors such as State Farm, or other resources could help you to fund both your internal projects, increase visibility, and even gather extra funding for other plans for the community that might want to undertake. Aside from this, we could offer a number of our volunteers and our human resources in specific events that you would want to conduct upon the establishment of our partnership agreement. Adding to this, we could also help you in expanding your fan base, whether from the athletes, households, and even children whom we are supporting in our projects. While this is project for Public Relations, we found out that through strategic planning, we could also use this to increase the effectivity of our CSR projects. As stated earlier, we have already helped more than 5 million children from across 50 different states, and during each of these events, we proudly and wholeheartedly announce our sponsors.
Program Overview
In line with this, what we are only asking is that you join us in our weekly games that would be done for the sake of improving our Corporate Social Responsibility program, while also pushing forwards towards our goals of increasing both of our exposure to improve the current manpower that we have for further CSR projects. The tentative name for the program is Basketball Jam: A game for All. To further explain this, we at Good Sports are aiming at holding basketball games that would feature both athletes, celebrities, and even ordinary folks in a full-court game. The very reason for this choice of participants is two-fold. On the one hand, the mixture of people from different facets of life comes with our...

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