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ETHICS (Essay Sample)

1. Describe the time in which your ethic were challenged. How do you deal with the situation and what did you learn from it? As students, it's ultimately our code of honor in our school or academic environment that we must do our own projects, by ourselves, and if the task is given for the group project, then all the group members involved must actively participate and make significant contribution in doing the projects together. It's the code of honor, as student, that we should never copy somebody else's works, or having somebody else doing our work, whatever the circumstance is, of which it meant cheating or plagiarizing, and this case is breaking our code of honor, and against our esteemed and respectable status as a student, a young generation to be potential leaders in the future. I experienced this twice in college. The first time: I was given a group assignment of three people (me, Irma and Oppie). On the first group meeting we discuss about the assignment and discuss some ideas for the assignment, and we agreed to divide the work fairly among the three of us fairly and make a draft and discuss it in the next meeting. When we meet a week after the first meeting only Oppie and me have done the work. However, instead of doing the draft as Oppie and I did, she brought three past assignments of our seniors that have done the same subject and she said without any guilt that she was going to copy the assignment and by providing us with the three past assignment she was doing us a favor. When asked to do it again, she became angry. I was thinking of reporting it to the teacher, but instead I decided to give her a chance because I don't want to ruin her education. I have to go back to my home country for four days, so we decided to meet two days before the due date to combine our work and proof read the whole assignment. When me finally meet, only Irma and me have done the work, while Oppie has only done around 75% of the work. Even Irma's work needs a lot of editing and correcting. Both of them do not have time to do it because they have to participate at their church events thus leave me with all those works. At that time, I have no time to think about reporting them or not. My education was on the line, so I done the rest of the work myself. Second time: When faced with same situation again the next year, instead of facing myself to dilemma of choosing between reporting my friend to follow the code of ethic and do nothing and just do most of the task, I decided to solve the problem with communication. I made it clear to my group members that I do not want to put anyone into the risk of failing. I asked them to prioritize things, and do the tasks that are given to us, and no more excuses. Because we are all busy, without exception, but we still have to do the work. Moreover, I do not want to be involved in my group member's attempt to plagiarize and risking myself of failing the subject. It worked. The assignment done perfectly and we got the highest grade for the assignment. 2. Describe an obstacle you have faced in your professional or academic life. How did you overcome and how did it foster your development? My biggest obstacle in my academic life is that I graduated young (age 16) from high school. I always wanted to pursue higher education in United States however my mom thought that I was still to young and she sent me to Australia instead. Turning 18 in 2008, I successfully applied for 5 colleges in America namely; Bentley University, Babson College, Fordham University, Binghamton University, and Northeastern University. With excitement and thrill, he opted to join Northeastern University, but later opted to let go the opportunity as transferring to finish my studies in US could cost me extra 1.5 years in college owing to curriculum difference between the two nations. During this time, timely completion of my studies remained the most important consideration that influenced by decision to finish my undergraduate studies in Australia. Studying for an extra 1.5 years to complete my undergraduate degree seemed an undue option to me. However, this does not make me give up on my dream to study in United States. My desire to study in United States become even stronger. This gives me the courage and commitment never to stop until I have something perfectly accomplished. Message to Writer: -The information I gave you will act as a guide. However, feel free to elaborate it. Make it they essay that will strengthen my application. -Please make two separate essays - approximately 410 words for each essay. Do not hesitate to contact me if you needed more information. source..

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(6, March, 2011)

Essay 1:
Its widely believed that education is the key to success but at the same time it’s painful for an individual to go through the education ladder and achieve the required success in education in an instant without facing any obstacles, and that is true as nothing come through in a silver plate every individual in the world who wants to be successful has to make concrete sacrifices and at the same time face obstacles and overcome them in order to achieve what he / she wants in life, as in my story on my experience aimed at fulfilling my quest for education.
I am a student at Monash University in Australia and I am taking my undergraduate studies in business management (Singer, 2000). Though I am not an Australian national I am an Indonesian citizen living in Australia with my elder sister studying in Australia but my whole passion was to undertake my studies in the United States of America as I admired the countries culture, education system, and infrastructure.
In the past I had been forced to postpone my ambitions and dreams of undertaking my studies in the united states of America am my mother was the one who sited that I was very young to take care of my self and I couldn’t not be able to cope with the American way of life as I was a little bit younger to live on my own in America and I needed to looked after by an elder person who would be in charge of taking care of me and in the process she opted to send me to Australia where I would live with my sister.
In the process it would take a long time to clear my undergraduate education before going to America where I would be able to sturdy my MBA and thus fulfill my quest of learning in the United States of America is now nearing, the issue of me going to America for further studies has been postponed more often therefore this time round I would be able to join the united states after many years of postponing my plan of going to America.
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