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Hindu Literature & Ethics (Essay Sample)

TOPIC: "Describe The Relationship between Rama and Sita." Be sure that the essay has a thesis or main point presented in an introduction and developed subsequent paragraphs. source..
Hindu literature ad ethics: Rama and Sita
The Hindu society has a strong belief in gods and the supremacy of iconic figures in the society who end up being seen as the true representatives and givers of a specific form of blessing. In the issues of family love and relationship, this is well exemplifies by the story of Rama and Sita. The relationship between Rama and Sita was bound by true love.
Rama was the first born of a king who had four sons by different wives. Being the eldest son, he was supposed to take over the kingdom subsequent to his father. After Rama married Sita, who was a very lovely princess, the king who was very old decided to relinquish the throne for his son to take over. However, one of the king`s wives, who was the newest was very jealous and wanted her son to take over. She had saved the life of the king a long time ago and in return the king had promised her some wishes (Menon, 2000, 24). She therefore decided to take the opportune moment to allege her wishes. She confronted the king proposing that Rama should be driven away for a long time period, that is, fourteen years. She requested the king to make Bharat, her son, the next king. Despite the fact that the king became upset because of being tricked, he had no alternative other than fulfilling the wishes. Rama was sent away and when he requested Sita to remain, she said that "for me, the forest to where you are going is Ayodhya and it will be absolute hell for me to live in Ayodhya without you" (Menon, 2004, 34). His wife therefore accepted to accompany him to the forest.
Relationship between Sita and Rama
The relationship between the two may be described as follows. For instance, they were bound by true love. True love here means that the involved parties loved one another genuinely an...
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