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Business Ethics: British Petroleun (BP) environmental image (Essay Sample)

1. Environmentalism has reached the status of a religion or philosophy with its advocates and its critics. While some praise Mr. Gore's "Inconvenient Truth", others question the validity of predictions based on incomplete, fabricated, and biased data and models. In such a confusing context where facts mingle with fiction, what environmental obligations do businesses have? 2. British Petroleun (BP) environmental image and "beyond petroleum" slogan certainly seem to be tarnished by recent oil spills. What did the company do right and what did it do wrong? What would you advise the company to do to improve its image and recover societal confidence? source..


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(01, October, 2010)

The British Petroleum (BP)
Environmental obligations of businesses
The businesses should support the facts by formulating strategies to help conserve the environment for future .Mr. Gore in his documentary explains the core causes of global warming, which is the green house gases emissions. He explained how these gases trap the Sun’s heat in the Earth’s atmosphere making the earth warm. Gore went to the extent of comparing an old photograph with a new photograph. It was evident that the glaciers were melting in the new photograph, In addition to this he showed a comparison of the carbon emission graphs with the increasing temperatures on the earth’s surface.
The businesses should be engaged in finding the solutions to the existing environmental problem. Basing on the available evidence they should educate the rest of the community on the right steps to follow in the environmental conservation.
The British Petroleum (BP)
The British Petroleum (BP) company defection out of the Global climate coalition (GCC) promoted its reputation in relation to the 1997 Kyoto conference. This led to many companies’ exist from GCC due to its poor policies and increased effects on global warming. The BP’s priot...
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