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Business Ethics: Ethical issue relating to Martha Steward case (Case Study Sample)

BMGT_496Case_Analysis.docx Case Analysis #2 Case Analysis #2 Read the Martha Stewart case on pp. 416-22, and answer the 3 questions on page 420. 1. What are the critical ethical issues in the case and how would you rank order them? 2. What, if anything, did Ms. Stewart do wrong? Be as specific as possible. 3. What, if anything, ought Ms. Stewart have done differently? Accessing journals and websites will enable you to incorporate more current information into your paper. Do not plagiarize. You must provide footnotes and include a bibliography. Your paper should be between 4 and 6 pages in length. Please upload your paper (written in Microsoft Word) as one .doc file attachment into your Assignment folder and mail me a hard copy if you are located in the continental US. The important date is the date you post the paper and not the date you mail the hard copy. Call your file "Last name Paper 2" as in "Powroznik Paper 2". Do not forget to include your full name and other course information (such as BMGT 496, which semester) on your paper's title page. Insert page numbers on all pages. If you are located in the continental US, mail a hard copy of the paper to: Dr. Dan Powroznik, 255 Pickett Court, Arnold, MD 21012. If you want me to return a marked paper to you, you will need to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your hard copy. Please use regular mail. I hate going to the post office to pick up registered mail. BMGT_496_AAP_Case_Analysis.doc AAP Case Analysis #3 The project description (paper #3) that appears below is taken from the syllabus. See the attached file (AAP Fact Scenario) for a description of the case. AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT PROJECT (Paper #3) The UMUC Authentic Assessment Assignment is designed to assess student learning on specific course-related goals. It is also designed to assess whether students are able to apply knowledge and skills gained from study in the course, as evidenced in the assigned assessment project. The assessment project objectives are tied directly to the course objectives. The Authentic Assessment Project (AAP) is a complex memorandum to an executive officer of a company. The memorandum focuses on developing, sharpening and applying critical thinking skills, in the context of recognizing, evaluating, and proposing a resolution for ethical issues that arise in managerial decision making. Details You will draft a memorandum to a specified executive officer that identifies, discusses, and proposes a resolution for each of 3 ethical issues raised in the hypothetical fact pattern. For each issue that you identify your discussion will (1) present the relevant facts; (2) explain why the issue is an ethical issue, and how legal concerns, managers' fiduciary duties, and the effects on all corporate stakeholders define the ethical issue, and direct resolution of the issue; (3) provide a reasoned justification for the best resolution of ethical issues for both the short term and the long term. Further Instructions: Students are encouraged to engage in their own reflection, critical analysis, and argumentation, in addition to using those from other sources. All viewpoints should be supported by arguments intended to justify the position to others. Arguments for alternative viewpoints should be examined in their strongest forms. Students are encouraged to paraphrase all sources, and are required to properly attribute ideas, and language, taken from any other sources. Grades will be partially based on a. grammar and organization, i.e., - Grammatical accuracy, sentence and paragraph structure - Timeliness of project submission and adherence to deadlines - Clarity of expression and presentation of ideas b. conformity to the standards of formatting and documentation, including proper citations and references found in the APA Style Manual. See Course Content for optional citation formats. The final product must: a. Be typed, double spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman fonts, with margins no wider than one inch. b. Have no headers or footers except page numbers. c. Be prepared in Microsoft Word. d. Contain, in attributions made in the body of the paper, only the author's name and page number, e.g., (Smith, p. 44). See Course Content for optional citation styles. e. Not include pictures, graphs or lists in the body of the paper. If these are needed to support facts provided, place them at the end of the paper as an addendum. Reference them in the body of the paper. They will not count towards paper length. f. Contain a comprehensive References or Bibliography list of all sources actually used in preparing the project, including for each entry the author, title, city and state of publisher, publisher's name, year, and page number, if applicable, or the precise webpage of the material referenced. Additional Writing Guidelines Papers will be double-spaced; font size must be 10 or 12; with top, bottom, and side margins no larger than one inch wide; and must be within the assigned length, excluding references and bibliography. In each paper, proper citing of references in the body of the paper (or using footnotes) and a bibliography are required, unless instructed otherwise. Note that only those materials actually cited in the body of the paper will be included in the bibliography. Citations are required not only for direct quotes, but also for paraphrases of an author's words or ideas. Failure to cite properly is a serious offense in academia. You may use information you have learned from the textbook, the Internet, and current periodicals, but do not plagiarize. Assignments should be uploaded as an attachment in the assignment area. Name the attached file "Your last name Paper 3" as in "Smith Paper 3". The assignment must be date and time stamped (this is done automatically in Webtycho) by midnight Sunday of the week due. Late assignments will be accepted, but assignments more than one week late will be marked down by a letter grade. In other words, you have a one week grace period. If you are located within the continental USA, I would very much appreciate your mailing a hard copy of the paper to my home address (255 Pickett Court, Arnold, MD 21012, USA). Your mailing me a hard copy is optional. The more hard copies I receive, the fewer papers I will have to print out. Because of expensive and unreliable mail services, students located overseas should not mail hard copies of papers. The important date is the date you upload your paper into your assignment folder and not the date I may receive a hard copy. There is no correlation whatsoever between my receiving a hard copy and your grade on the assignment. If you want me to return your hard copy, please do the following: 1. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope (if you want me to return your paper). 2. Use correct postage. 3. Do not send papers by certified or registered mail. 4. Please mail the original paper, but keep a copy of your assignment. source..

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(31, October, 2010)
Business Ethics
The essay is about business ethical issue relating to Martha Steward case. The paper seeks to identify the critical ethical issue in the case and rank them. Additionally, the essay brings to light if there was anything that Ms. Stewart did wrong; similarly the paper brings to light things that were done by the said person in a different manner. Lastly, the paper contains a drafted memorandum to a specified executive officer concerning the ethical issues surrounding Ms. Stewart`s case.
In the case, Stewart according to U.S Securities and Exchange Commission avoided a loss of $45,673 by selling all close to 4,000 shares of her company, ImClone System on December 2001. This was after receiving information through Peter Bacanovic, her former broker at Merrill Lynch. After that day, stock value went down by 16% (, 2006).
According to DeGeorge, 2010 ethics are norms, values and systems that help distinguished between what is deemed good and bad or rather right and wrong in any field. Business ethics refers to applied ethics and or professional ethics that look at moral philosophy and ethical problems arising in the field of business. The concept is applicable in all sectors of business conduct, together with that of persons as well as the organization as a whole.
Martha Stewart`s Case
Martha Helen Stewart an American well known business woman, TV host, author, and magazine publisher. Martha Stewart a founder of Living Omnimedia, was convicted of lying to investigators concerning an insider trading in which she sold 4,000 of her company`s share thereby avoiding a loss of almost $50,000. She served a five month imprisonment. It is worth to note that a day after the sell, the value of stock fell by 16%, the information that led to the sale of her shares came from her Ex-broker Peter Bacanovic (Harry, 2004).
What are the critical ethical issues in the case and how would you rank order them?
On the basis of her conviction, a number of critical ethical issues come to light. Ethically and morally speaking, three issues emerge in her case; conspiracy, obstruction of justice by lying to investigators and selling shares to avoid loss. From the idea of Mill Stuart, utilitarianism demands that we do well to the greatest number of person so that they are happy (, 2006). In this, Stuart failed because she dubbed those individuals who bought shares, making her self happy by avoiding the loss of close to $50,000. Teleological theory demands that we evaluate the consequences of our actions, if there will generate more benefit than harm to the masses, then the action opt to be taken, in this case Stewart in my opinion went against this principle hence a critical ethical issue (Mill, 1974).
Similarly according to Kant through his theory of categorical imperative, it holds that human should act only acco...
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