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Organizational Culture Research Proposal (Essay Sample)


Write a proposal of no more than 750 words, outlining the research approach you will use for your Strategic Plan, due in Week 6. Include the following: 
How you intend to ensure the organization's vision, mission, and people strategies and values statements are aligned with the proposed strategic plan. 
Sources you expect to use to perform an external environmental analysis 
Sources you expect to use to perform an internal environmental analysis
Organization: Costco


Organizational culture is one of the most crucial elements of the continuity of a business. It is an aspect that refers to the beliefs, attitudes, standards and values shared within an organization and its members(, 2015). Corporate culture spreads to elements such as strategies, objectives, goals and the structure. It affects the customers, labor, suppliers, community and even the investors.It sets the precedents that everyone at the firm regardless of their management level. In the recent past, corporate culture has been under intense research relative to the way that it affects the business performance relative to the staffs’ commitment to the firms’ objectives(, 2015). Costco is one of the renowned businesses in the wholesale industry and has been operating profitable ventures across the country since 1976. As part of the strategic plan, the company has plans to reinvent the corporate culture at the firm. Of late the company has been having high turnover rates and is trying to look at ways to improve the employee relations and their commitment. To ensure that the company’s mission and vision align with the strategic plan, this paper seeks to establish the corporate culture and how it fits in with performance(Neece, 2015).
Statement of purpose
Corporate culture is crucial to the element of performance relative to staff’s commitment(, 2015). Understanding the corporate culture at the Costco, it is much easier to understand what needs to be changed to make sure that employees are committed to the company and the objectives set out.
The corporate culture at Costco is affecting the company’s performance and the turnover rates(, 2015).
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