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Culture and Humanities (Essay Sample)


Focus your discussion on the following:
•How confident are you that companies today take culture into proper account and balance along with other aspects of productivity? Why? ◦What specific instances can you cite from experience and from academic literature? Be sure to include APA-formatted references in your response. 
•What can an individual do in any of these areas (music, literature, art, theater, education, or religion) to sustain and grow a healthy and useful culture? ◦What reasons do you have for doing anything? 
◦What is the role of the individual versus the role of government in sustaining and building a healthy and robust culture through the humanities? 
◦What should be the individual’s role in his or her own community and country, and what should the role be in regions outside of the home country? 
•What is the role of educational institutions in shaping and encouraging specific cultural and humanities concepts alongside the emphasis on knowledge and facts? ◦Which areas of the humanities should be emphasized? Why? 


Unit 5DB T&C: Culture and Humanities
Organizations are increasingly focusing on the impact of corporate culture on the workplace, but the issue of diversity is still controversial. The corporate culture is also dependent on the organizational structure, whereby hierarchical structures support rigidity and employees are likely to be punished severely for deviating from the set guidelines, potentially reducing productivity. In my experience when I haves been offered support in the workplace by the management, I have felt appreciated and motivated to work harder. According to Langbein & Jorstad (2004), repeated interactions in the workplace foster trust and cooperation, and this typically increase workplace productivity.
Individuals can participate more in the arts to facilitate positive culture adoptions, since arts allow individuals to interact more often. People are likely to influence those around them through pursuing their creative interests. In any case, participating in the arts might improve cohesion while also eliminating social exclusion, and this extends to the education sector where there is improved literacy. I would participate more in performance arts and theater playing the different roles to understand how diverse people understand different times. It is possible to...
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