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Employee Centered Culture (Research Paper Sample)


I need to undertake a research project which addresses an issue of strategic or functional importance to my organisation. I need to use knowledge of a research method to implement that project.


Employee Centered Culture

In the airlines industry, customer satisfaction is paramount to the amount success that an airlines has relative to the competition (Hurley &Estelami, 2007). Other than the aspect attractive packages offered to the clients, it is crucial that customers are satisfied with the services offered. One of the most overlooked aspects of the customer experience is the satisfaction of the employees(Karl, 2014). This research will seek to establish the relationship between customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of the employees at the organization(Carey, 2013).
An employee centered culture can boost customer satisfaction (Jasna&Antoncic, 2011)
To establish the relationship of employee satisfaction and the customer satisfaction
To establish the satisfaction of the employees at the organization(Lynch, 2010)
To establish the company culture and its impact on employees satisfaction(Rumery, 2003)
To establish strategies of implementing an employee centered culture (Woods, 2014)
Customers’ satisfaction is related to the quality of service that the employees are able and willing to deliver at any given time and place (Light, 2004). If the employees are able to internalize the need to make customers experience worthwhile, it is ease for the customers to appreciate the exceptional services compared to the competition(Lynch, 2015).
Most firms focus on the customers’ satisfaction at the expense of the employees (Namjoofard, 2014). As such, the employees are regularly mistreated and overworked, in the quest to please the customers at any costs (Chen, Wang & Chu, 2010). Employees become exhausted and lack focus, relative to the fact that they do not have the motivation to deliver quality services (Jamshaid, Qureshi&Khokhar, 2012).
In the case that, employees are satisfied with the corporate culture, they are more likely to find the motivation to treat the customers to the best experience (Abraham, 2012). The company culture would have to change to accommodate the various needs of the employees(Rykrsmith, 2014). This means that, the policies and the organizational structure would need to be adjusted to accommodate the changes in culture (Novikova, 2009). Aspects such as, significant remuneration, rewards, proper feedback channels and r...
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