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executive summary: Bravomax (Essay Sample)

It is time to finalize your project. You will need to create the executive summary for your marketing plan. The executive summary is a short synopsis telling a bit about your company, your product and what key points your marketing plan covers, and the resources you will use to accomplish your plan. You may want to look at the marketing plan on page 60 in your textbook for an example. ***Please see attached examples************* source..
Bravomax Name Name of institution: Airmount is a well-established beauty and grooming company and has a good market appeal. For Bravomax to be launched successfully into the market, Airmount will have to adopt certain aspects in its marketing plan. These aspects are situation analysis, marketing strategy, financials and controls. Situation analysis incorporates the SWOT analysis would determine whether Bravomax will succeed in the public market. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are also analyzed. The company has numerous products ranging from hair care to skin care products designed to meet and satisfy the clients hence its expected Bravomax to thrive well once is released into the market. This will increase the customers interested with the product. Bravomax opportunity to thrive in the public market is because it is relatively affordable by all. This is due to reduced production cost resulted from economies of scale. The grooming industry is growing rapidly fast so the new products will be gladly received in the market. However, Nice & Lovely, one of Airmount top competitors have expanded its branches and production houses throughout major cities. This poses a threat because the Nice & Lovely will have a one on one relationship with the customers. In addition, Airmount faces a critical challenge of improper networking. This hinders the company from reaching all of its clients in the interior regions. The compa...
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