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Human Resources: Business and marketing 2 (Essay Sample)

This chapter and our discussion questions include the topics of employee rights, responsibilities and the discipline issues that can arise when employees and employers differ. All too often employers - and employees - are eager to point out, "This is within my rights!" They sometimes forget the associated responsibilities that go hand in hand with those rights!. The section describing E-Mail Privacy is a timely and a very interesting segment of this chapter. Currently, many states have been reviewing their electronic transmissions, employee rights, and labor laws concerning this area. Further, many organizations have been developing and implementing policies on electronic monitoring. Another key topic discussed in this chapter is the employee handbook (paper, web, electronic document) and the elements that go into making the handbook efficacious. The employee handbook is a major part of an organization's documentation/guidelines. If it is designed, developed and implemented correctly, the handbook can be a major resource for the organization. Always remember that employee handbooks need to be updated regularly. The failure of organizations to revise handbooks regularly can be troublesome to say the least and expensive when lawsuits are lost. What are the differences between contractual and statutory rights? - What is employment-at-will? - Does it exist in some states? What states are employment-at-will states? If so, can you name at least two employment-at-will states, commonwealths or jurisdictions? - What is due process? - What are some components of an alternative dispute resolution process? For discussion, please share what you think are the possible issues that arise for employees when their employers establish the following practices: surveillance cameras, background investigations, workplace monitoring and drug testing? source..
Running head: Business and marketing
There are several reasons why employers do monitor their employees. One of the main reasons is to check on security and to ensure that employee`s performance is of the expected standards. This yields negative attitudes to the employees as it lowers their morality and dignity, and this causing stress to them. It`s important for an employee to under go medical testing before employment, though this should depend on the nature of employment. Backgrounds tests are also important for jobs that require trust, for instance, a bank manager, and therefore, for jobs that do not require public safety or dose not involve large amounts of cash employee monitoring is not a necessity (Electronic Privacy Center).
In most countries, especially in the USA and developing countries, there are very few laws...
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