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Creating a Sustainable Corporate Brand (Essay Sample)

Below are the teacher's nstructions Analyze the role of strategic marketing in creating a sustainable corporate brand and relate how the financial, economic, and marketing vital signs of a firm are relevant. Paper Requirements Length: 1000 words maximum,APA Format 6th edition use headings to assist in organizing key points, for this size of paper, headings are needed (be sure to label page 2 with a title and be sure to label your conclusion with the heading Conclusion). Textbook Aaker, D. (2001). Developing Business Strategies (6th ed.). NY, NY: John Wiley & Sons., Inc.Chapters 12Developing Business Strategies Videos Review Slide Share on Marketing Strategy http://www(dot)slideshare(dot)net/nusantara99/marketing-strategy Please feel free to use other sources of your choice source..

Topic: Creating a Sustainable Corporate Brand
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Creating a Sustainable Corporate Brand
In today’s consumer market, being sustainable is no longer optional. It is a necessity. Legislation requirements, voluntary standards and customer expectations and demands are making companies more accountable and responsible for the impact an organizations product have on the society and environment. Most of the organizations are now focusing on sustainability through the triple bottom line, which is environmental, social and economic responsibility (Aaker, 2001).
Sustainable corporate brands
A brand refers to the image of a product or service that differentiates it apart from the rivals. It is a pledge to deliver all that is promised. The image could be cultural, emotional, rational or visual. Any brand should be realistic, coercive, appealing and unique. Corporate brands in the recent past have been receiving a lot of attention. Therefore, there is an imperative need to ensure they uphold sustainable practices. Sustainable marketing involves creating products, services, lifecycles and process that can survive in the long term. It also involves sustainable planning of resources, reduction of waste and emissions and green marketing (Aaker, 2001).
Sustainable brands involve taking risks, innovation align the brand value with those of customers. The payoff of building sustainable brands will lead to brand loyalty in the long term. Sustainable brands aim to create financially, socially and environmentally sustainable products for consumption. Sustainable brands meet client’s needs in the long term and in a responsible manner. They challenge existing model, notions and business processes. Sustainable brands come up with new ideas, technology and ...
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