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Ethics And Manners Between Employees And Employers (Essay Sample)


In light of recent scandals and excesses by organization managers, the authors of a recent Harvard Business Review article are calling business schools to support making management a profession, governed by codes of conduct that “forge in an implicit social contract with society. ” One response to their call is a non-profit organization called MBA Oath. Its goal is to create a community of graduating MBA students from any university that voluntarily sign an oath that pledges them to “create value responsibly and ethically.”
Please assess if professionalizing management can really make a difference in terms of ethical accountability and everyday managerial behavior.


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Various managers consider ethics and manners a question of personal scruple and a confidential or private matter between employees and employers. They would have to understand that without ethics, it is impossible for them to achieve the desired results or meet the deadlines. It's safe to say that ethical practices reflect the attitudes, values, language, beliefs, behavioral patterns and atmosphere of an organization as well as its culture. Thus, ethics are not an organization's personal issue, and professionalizing management can ensure reliable outcomes in terms of meeting deadlines and generating more and more revenues. That will eventually help managers create an environment that can strengthen the company's reputation and strengthen its relationships with both employees an

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