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Enron, Ethics And Today's Corporate Values (Research Paper Sample)


Project Instructions
This special project entails submission of a position paper encompassing research and readings of scholarly articles and a PowerPoint summary presentation. This research project should be a minimum of 15 pages and written in proper APA format.
Based on your reading of the Ken Silverstein article that appeared in the May 2013 issues of Forbes, as well as other articles from journals and business periodicals, explain “what went wrong” in the Enron scandal of 2001. How did myopic thinking lead to Enron's demise? What lessons can one learn from this scandal with regard to ‘ethics and leadership', and the role of government in corporate America?
Your powerpoint submission should be 15 – 20 slides summarizing your report. Slides should be tasteful, professional, and not too wordy.


A Research Paper on Enron, Ethics and Today's Corporate Values
By Ken Silverstein
Companies and corporations have been flourishing for the past years from technical to product-centered enterprises with the sole purpose of manufacturing goods or in advertising their services. These companies have different strategies and methods of earning the trusts of the community, consumers, buyers, and society. Likewise, they have their methodologies for profit earning and stock sharing. This paper focuses on the company called Enron which was highly reputable for its success after being created in the year 1985. Enron was rebranded as a trader for energy and as a supplier of the same. Nevertheless, its growth even superseded huge companies and oil or gas companies in America (Sega T., 2018).
In the year 1985, Enron joined a merger with the Houston Natural Gas Co. and Omaha InterNorth Inc. Enron was at such an advantageous position that it sky-rocketed high regarding its profits and earnings. More so, this was the era where oil was a huge necessity, and the regulatory environment gave Enron the opportunity to flourish. While, when the year 1990 arrived, the internet era was at such a boom, in a sense that almost everyone gets details or information through the web, allowing Enron to advertise its manufactured products and services which led more people to know more about the company. This move Enron had made is such a risk, to be honest, advertising your products, services or goods through the web that time is not sure. Well yes, the internet had its boom at that time. However, not everyone, compared today has the appropriate and enough knowledge to do such internet things or internet actions (that is what I thought). In reality, during this specific era, almost 75 (%) percent of the world's population is not yet given the opportunity to have this modernized technological advancement.
The central focus of this paper is to decipher and discuss the ethics and corporate values in the commercial and corporate world. Also, it will and should be able to state some of the historical facts and primary reasons why Enron seemed to have his downfall. Moreover, the researcher will try to talk about the things that could have gone wrong.
Furthermore, the very gist and lesson of these corporate facts should be summed up at the end of this research paper. Moreover, a literature review and a narration of supporting resources are included in the subsections of this paper to indicate the seriousness and importance of Enron's history and how it is interrelated with all of the competing companies in this very present time. One of the significant years was when Enron was the talk of the town and the company that seemed to have it all ended so suddenly. The reasons and explanations behind this fall should be able to be enumerated in the next paragraphs of this research paper. Supporting research materials and documents are in that way included in the body of this text to give a more understandable, comprehensible and coherent emphasis on how Ethics, Integrity, and Principles in the world of business and commercial complexes play a huge role in the success of the business-minded or business-oriented individuals and tycoons.
This paper serves as an accurate, concise and a factual guideline of how to handle business outlets in a safer, a more secure, and in a more fortunate means. The story of Enron serves as a stepping stone and historical fact that could be avoided by the present monopoly players in the world of money, or the world of commercialism. The black-collared workers might be able to be reminded that it is ideal and street-smart to have alternative or some other plans when it comes to handling...

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