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The Business Ethics Decision-making Process (Essay Sample)


Your assignment is to write a 5,000-8,000 word, thorough analysis of a business ethics decision situation, assessing the situation and the possible resolutions through as many of the ‘lenses’ discussed in this course as are relevant. The purpose of this project is to give you practice and show your current ability to identify, assess, and weigh relevant business ethics issues when confronted with a new decision situation. The goal of this project is to demonstrate your ability to use the knowledge that you’ve obtained in your Business Ethics course. Your textbook should be your primary reference.


Business Ethics
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This essay entails a thorough analysis of a business ethics decision-making process and the assessment of possible resolution approaches through the various ‘ lenses.' The introductory part defines ethics and business ethics and highlights its significance to a business internally and externally. The content featured in this essay has been drawn from the textbook and researching various peer-reviewed articles regarding business ethics. Additionally, this essay features the impact of establishing ethical standards in the workplace and how it affects the management decision-making process, working environment and the company culture. This essay also features several ethical theories and how they are applied in assessing a business' sustainability, balancing scoreboards, and corporate social responsibility in organizations. Additionally, it also features a business ethics case study and dissects the rationale behind the management approach to the issue. The case study featured here is used as a reference guide on how to apply business ethics in a real-world environment. It analyzed in accordance with various ethical lenses and PLUS Ethical Decision-Making model to understand the rationale of the management decision against their employee and how the case affected the business internally and externally.
Keywords: Ethics, Business Ethics, Ethical Standards, Ethical Lenses, Ethical Theories
Definition: Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch in philosophy that deals with values concerning human conduct; wrongness and rightness of certain human actions, and the badness or goodness of the intent and outcome of those actions (Meyer et al., 2017). Ethics is individual's situation-dependent application of moral standards, which he/she derived from the beliefs, traditions, and values that are predominant in societies, regarding what is perceived as wrong or right conduct (Anderson et al., 2014).
Business Ethics
Business ethics, also known as corporate ethics, is a type of professional ethics or applied ethics that examine moral principles and moral problems that arise in business environments (Meyer et al., 2017). Business ethics apply to all facets of business conduct and are relevant to the conduct of entire organizations and individuals within them. These ethics are embedded in the companies culture and come from organizational statements, legal systems, or individuals. These values, norms, unethical, or ethical practices are what businesses use as guidelines. They are beneficial because they assist those businesses to maintain a professional connection with their stakeholders (Ferrell, 2015). Simply stated, business ethics determine how businesses operate, how individuals are treated, and how business decisions are arrived at (Meyer et al., 2017). In business, one is not answerable to a certain individual but is answerable to clients, customers, and stakeholders. Business ethics are multifaceted and they must be contextualized to arrive at a decision. Some business ethics are bound by policies but some other business decisions do not fall under the guidelines of the law which means; the business person must make their own moral judgment.
Ethics Issue
Scott Gerber, the CEO of the Gerber Group, encountered an ethical issue that prompted him to reconsider his decisions before firing one of his employees. When he realized that one of his employees was clocking his wife in, who was not showing up until three hours later, the company fired the employee immediately. Afterward, the employee showed up alongside his father and the two begged for anot...

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